Many people probably don’t know where the town of Chatham is, but if you found yourself on this article, you probably do.

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Chatham is a small town located between London and Windsor, approximately 3 hours away from Toronto. It has a population of 30,000 people, and at one point, whether you moved away or still live there, you too were a part of that population. So if you grew up in this lovely little town, here are some things you definitely know to be true:

1. You were heartbroken when The Wheels Inn closed.

2. You have gotten drunk at the haunted corn maze.

3. You have gotten your ID taken away at Spanky’s by the bouncer everyone called ‘spider’.

4. Red Feather was the highlight of your high school career.

5. You have gone to a bush or barn parties.

6. A date growing up consisted of Glitter’s Eatery and a movie.

7. You have refered to it as C town .

 8. You have danced on the stage of Riverrock.

9. You knew the Pines’ Cheerleaders were the best around.

 10. You probably spent your childhood figure skating or playing hockey.

 11. If you went to CKSS, you were probabaly into sports

12. You have found yourself in some sort of situation with some sort of livestock at least once.

 13. You probably went to Windsor to party as soon as you turned legal.

 14. You went shopping to Devonshire Mall.

15. You probably thought Toronto was ‘too busy’ whenever you went to visit.

16. The car on the stick: if you know, you know.

17. You know someone who had a birthday and stayed at the retro suites.

 18. You spent at least one of your Saturday nights cheering on the Chatham Maroons

19. You may not live there anymore, but Chatham will always remain in your heart.

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