Maple, Ontario is a small community in Vaughan that some people don't know about. But for those of us from Maple, there are specific things that we grew up with that make it a pretty unique little place.

Here are 19 things that you'll be able to relate to if you grew up in Maple:

1. You are very proud of Canada's Wonderland.

When you tell people you’re from Maple, no one has any idea what you’re talking about until you clarify that “it’s where Canada’s Wonderland is”. Bonus: you still call it Paramount Canada’s Wonderland.

2. You always had a Season's Pass.

Partly because of pride and support for Canada's Wonderland, and partly because there are limited things to do in the summer when you're a teen living in suburbia. You didn't need to like rides to need a season pass. You could sit on a hill all day, but it needed to be in the park, because that's where everyone was.

3. Identifying with, or at least understanding the Gino/Gina culture.

We were ginas and ginos, not "guidos". Female fashions included, but were not limited to: crunchy wet curls, salon hair clips, hoop earrings, and TNA tracksuits. Boys rocked frosted tips, white rimmed sunglasses, and the sterling silver crucifix necklace they got for their grade 8 confirmation. 

Photo cred - SkyscraperPage

4. Updating your BBM status to let everyone know whether you were 'mossing' "@llaandd" "@susss" or "@millllllllllllz"

And when you got there, you wouldn't watch a movie or shop, you would just stand there in the crowd, you know, mossing and what not.

5. Playing in a soccer league every summer as a kid.

Whether you were good or not didn't matter. It was just obligatory that you played for some reason.

6. Watching Jersey Shore non-ironically.

If you remember Jersey Shore’s drama as juicy instead of hilarious, the fashion to be fabulous instead of tacky, and nothing at all to be wrong with the dialect, then you’re probably a Catholic Italian from Maple who was 14 when the show came out. 

7. Being in awe of Vaughan Mills as the most extravagant, luxurious mall of all time.

Since 2004 we've had two outstanding landmarks to be known by!

8. Having your birthday party at Airborne Trampoline Club.

Or Putting Edge, or The Princess Palace. Maybe Reptilia if you were on the weird side.

9. You went to an all age nightclub at least once.

You were barely a teenager, but you were already too cool for Putting Edge parties so you decided to dabble in nightlife culture at All-Age nightclubs like On The Rox or Luxy. And then you would wait for your mom to pick you up at the neighbouring Tim Horton’s before midnight. 

10. Going to Maplefest every summer to support your friend's band.

You'd say good job after their set, snap a few pictures, take a lap around the soccer field, then go home.

11. Having the time of your life at Sweet Sixteens.

Whether it was at the Venetian or the Bellagio, you were guaranteed to get some dope pictures in front of a curtain. It was probably at a Sweet Sixteen that you secretly got drunk for the first time off of two shots of Sour Puss.

12. Creating a full Facebook album every time you chilled with a friend.

Everyone needs to know that you guys hung out. So slap on some glitter eyeliner and head to the park, or take some overexposed mirror pics and then Picnik that shit to death.

Photo cred - Facebook

13. Going to FearFest every October.

You had the time of your life and looked forward to it every year.

14. Seeing everyone you've ever known at St. David's Church on Christmas and Easter Sunday.

Which was either awesome or awkward. Two feelings you'd never think to be associated with mass.

15. Knowing exactly where to find these chairs and having at least three pictures in or around them.

Glamorous washrooms are to be documented, always.

16. Impromptu parades along Major Mackenzie whenever Italy wins a game in the World Cup.

I think they actually shut down the whole street when Italy took the title in 2006.

17. You know about the Legend of Kirby Road.

You and your most daring friends would venture down Kirby Road on a Friday night, and come Monday, you'd tell everyone about how the glass totally fogged up and handprints appeared on your window.

Photo cred - Facebook

18. Receiving endless Facebook events inviting you to meet up at the Longo's plaza and take a school bus to a Toronto nightclub.


19. Chilling at the Timmies/Wendy's on Jane & Major Mack or Keele & Rutherford, or in their parking lots.

Because you were 15 and had maybe four dollars to your name.

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