It's got the build up of Christmas, the hype level of Osheaga, and the rep. of Kayne (feat. his ego also) - it's QUEEN'S HOCO. This weekend proud alumni will be returning to the 613, and the current students are more than happy to welcome them back.

It's not just a day, but an event. We got pumpkin's smashing, pancake keggers bumping, Alumni playing beer pong with their kids, and more tri-colour coming out in one day than you may have ever seen in your life.

And with HOCO, there's some things you can always count on - especially at Queen's. We've got a school spirit that's made us, not to brag, f*cking legends. From our traditions (talking to you Eng), to our sports teams that dominate all weekend, to our alumni that are living proof that Queen's really is the best school you could go too - we're ready to celebrate that.

We got 8am horns going off deep in the hearts of Vic Hall, insane amount of pep by the Pom Team, Queen's Bands killing that highland dancing, and amazing volunteers that keep it all going. On top of that? Students that literally live for this weekend. People start planning their HOCO outfits with the same level intensity they planned their prom dress. People don't just throw parties, they throw experiences. DJ's, live music, kegs on kegs, dying themselves purple, there is ALWAYS something to do. And here's a couple things that you'll definitly see if, nay when, you get out and enjoy the festivities. Stay safe, stay classy, and most importantly - Cha Gheill.

via @kristpapas

1. People shotgunning in their pajamas on their porch


2. That one person who looks hella cute but whose body doesn't seem to register the cold

Okay, yes. That skirt looks super cute on you, and that hand cut Golden Gael crop top is fab - but your torso must be freezing!?! IT'S OCTOBER.

via @ehhchow

3. So much tri-colour that every other colour is muted for the day

If it's not decked out in gold, blue, or red you're not in Kingston anymore.

4. 60 year old alumni playing beer pong with undergrads

And quite often - completely owning them. #gettingbetterwithage

5. 9am pancake keggers that have absolutely no chill

500 people in our cramped backyard, speakers blasting hardcore Kayne, AND A BOUNCY CASTLE? IT'S LIT!

6. The hard core return of the sea of rugby polos

"This will make such a great insta!"

7. Not Aberdeen, University, or basically any other street in the University District

HA. Good luck seeing the street when the entire student population flocks there ft. their red cups.

8. Alumni flashing the crowd during the parade at the football game

If history is known to repeat itself, this is gonna happen.

9. Queen's Bands using their cheerleaders as pom-poms


10. Adorable alumni couples from the class of 75 that rock matching GPA's

University sweethearts getting married and having kids that are now at Queen's?! Yep, that's adorable.

11. A bigger amount of bows, pom-poms, tams, and kilts in a 3km radius on one day than you've ever seen in your life

12. That guy who goes WAY too hard at the pancake kegger

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

13. Engineers dyed head to toe in purple running around

You know, just another day.

14. And maybe a 50 year old alumni who was at the same kegger all the Eng got dyed at, who is now ROCKING a dyed purple face because CHA GHEILL

This happened last year and it is still my favourite picture of all time.

15. Pizza delivery cars driving through the ghetto their f*cking formula one cars

Where's the ZAAAA.

16. People shaking from the sonic boom that comes from the sheer force of the Jacket Slam at half time

The engineerings flocking the field is still one of the most terrifying and thrilling things I have ever seen, how people get so hype I'll never know.

17. The brand new Richardson Stadium being dominated with people who pretend to know the Oil Thigh and scream their hearts out at any chance to sing it


18. Empty streets during the 4pm power nap hibernation

19. People falling in love with this place all over again

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