Not everyone is gifted with extraordinary eyes and the ones that are, are very fortunate. Eyes are a very important feature because we need them to see, but some people are very lucky and have been awarded a pair of beautiful eyes.

Whether they're blue,green, hazel or brown, have a unique shape or are very round, certain eyes have the ability to catch your attention with just a glanceTake a look at these 19 Toronto girls who have dazzling eyes :

via @andreamlceko

Andrea Ceko // @andreamceko

via @thinkreese


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Stela Koti // @stelakay

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Julia Venturin // @juliaaventurin

via @legs4dayzzz

Kait // @legs4dayzzz

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Regina // @reginastj

via @jaffnaastoria

Nana // @jaffnaastoria

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Jaclyn Genovese // @jaclyngenovese

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Natasha Tishakova // @natashateee

via @chinutay

Manal // @chinutay

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Melody // @melodysri

via @nataliepou

Natalie // @nataliepou

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Jennifer Brown // @kenniferleahbrown

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Rebecca Loughran // @miss_loughran

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Amy Loughran // @missloughran

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Carolina // @carolinenazz

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