There's something about a guy walking down the street with amazing style that just seems to make the whole scene appear in slow motion. Suddenly, every sound in the background fades away and all you can hear is your heart beating faster and faster - essentially it's the start of a cheesy harlequin romance novel.  And lucky for us in Toronto, we have plenty of opportunities to make that scene a daily occurrence with the amount of stylin' dudes we have running through the 6ix.

Unlike Cher in Clueless - 

"So okay, I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don't get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we're expected to swoon? I don't think so."

I'm swooning daily over our Toronto men. We have such a diverse city which has all kind of style - the athletic, the musical, smart, lawyers, hype beasts, rappers, baristas, that guy who went to high school with Drake's cousin (2nd cousin).  And what does that mean? Toronto has turned into one of the most fashion forward city's in the world because we live in a city with so many outlets to develop your own style. Queen West to the Beaches there's always new inspiration to draw on to try out something new with your look.

Here are some of the guys in Toronto to keep an eye on for their dope style - swoon away. 

via @coetzminscloset

1. Jake Coetzee // @coetzminscloset

From Drake-like outfits to crisp Bay street level suits, take your game to the next level when you follow this dope Torontonian.

via @thegentlemansaide

2. Jordan Cole // @thegentlemansaide

Classic, distinctly Canadian, and topped off with some fine knitwear. We're digging every look, from the suits to beanie and jean jacket combo.

via @jacuzzilafleur

3. Jazz Cartier // @jacuzzilafleur

Named Toronto's prince of hip hop, his music is as unreal as his style.

via @dustincarrington

4. Dustin Carrington // @dustincarrington

If you're looking to add an undeniable element of cool to your wardrobe, grab some inspiration from this guy.

via @braythemodel

5. Braedan // @braythemodel

Anything but ordinary, and we fvcking love it.

6. Nathaniel // @luu.nathaniel

This Toronto model's style is sophisticated and genuine, and we can't get enough. 

via @justjohnforreal

7. Just John // @justjohnforreal

This Toronto artist is not only making waves in the local music scene with his own work and art gallery, Blank Canvas.  He's seriously bringing the heat with his simple yet unique style.

8. Rky // @rky.c

His wardrobe is as on point as his pose. 

via @nillynoy

9. NOY // @nillynoy

One thing you need to know about this man? Suave AF.

10. Adam Pisarek // @adam_pisarek

This wardrobe is pretty much my teenage fantasy mixed with pieces cooler than I ever could have imagined. 

via @sdarcels

11. Sébastien Darcel-Sinclair // @sdarcels

He's rocking the simple style that makes us remember that sometimes minimalism is the best option. 

via @joeygollish

12. Joey Gollish // @joeygollish

Insanely hip, this guy has a clean laid back style that makes basic pieces look couture. He's also the genius behind Mr. Saturday (@heymrsaturday) which sells the dope unique pieces that you've been searching for.

13. Stephan Adams // @theurbanmind

There's a Fresh Prince of Bellair/Coachella vibe going on here and we love it.

14. Jose // @joselopez_fit 

FINE, we're staring. What do you expect?!

via @byseanbrown

15. Sean Brown // @byseanbrown

Forever convinced that the clapping emoji was invented for this wardrobe. 

via @mrlancechung

16. Lance Chung // @mrlancechung

What happens when you dedicate your life to fashion and everything creative? Your style may just turn out like Mr. Lance Chungs if you're lucky.

17. Ashtone // @morgscinqo

This Toronto FC player is on top of the game 24/7 with his retro, casual style. 

via @zachisnude

18. Zachary //@zachisnude

The ultimate chill style for any Torontonian looking to add a little cool to their wardrobe.

via @ldaati

19. Tremayne Stayoutlate // @Idaati

Every look this Toronto musician pulls out is making the city at least 10 times cooler.  

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