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There is so much going on in this city at any given moment that no matter how much time you spend here, there's going to be things you just don't know. Between it's size, it's population density, and it's long history, a lot of things are going to fall through the cracks. And so, here are a few facts about this city you may not have come across yet.

The TTC is the second largest public transit system in North America

Now if only we could get it to be the most efficient public transit system.

More than 50% of Toronto's population were born outside of Canada

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Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America

The only one's larger are Mexico City, New York, LA, and Chicago.

Even though the Leafs haven't won a Stanley Cup since 1967, they have some of the most loyal fans in the NHL, and tickets always sell out

Go leafs go!

There are over 1600 parks in this city

See how many of them you can drink a beer at next summer!

Everyone knows about TIFF, but Toronto actually has over 70 film festivals

Including the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, and the Rebels With a Cause Film Festival.

Toronto is considered to be one of the largest cultural centers in North America

We've got stacks on stacks of culture.

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The Toronto Islands are the largest car-free urban community in North America

Unfortunately, they're not all that tourist-free.

One quarter of Canada’s population lives within a 160 km radius of Toronto

Who says we're not the center of the universe?

Yonge Street is the longest street in the world

Toronto is North America's 3rd largest film production venue, with 25% of Hollywood movies being filmed here

There are over 9000 restaurants in Toronto

You'll never run out of things to eat.

30% of Toronto's population speaks a language other than English or French

You'll probably hear most of them on the subway.

The largest portion of our tourists come from the UK

'Ello guvna'!

Caribana is the largest single-day parade in North America

Toronto's artsy

Everyone sees us as a more business-oriented city, but we're home to 60% more artists than any other city in Canada.

Toronto is mad educated

65% of people between age 25 and 64 in this city have post-secondary education.

60% of the US population is within a 90 minute flight away from Toronto

So there's no reason your friends south of the border can't come visit you more often.

The Toronto Zoo is the largest in Canada

The best place in the country to hang out with animals that aren't from this country.

Photo cred – Brady Baker

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