Let's be honest here, plenty of interesting conversations go down when you're out drinking. Things are spoken about, that should not be said and there are plenty of meaningless conversations.

There are particular conversations that go on between people when they're drunk. These convo's typically revolve around whats going on, how you look, your ex's and conclude with a river of sobbing tears. For shits and giggles, here is a list of 20 drunk conversations you most likely had more than once with your friends at a bar in Toronto:

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1. Shots,shots,shots.

You're totally underestimating how drunk you are. You're determined to get shit faced.

2. "I'm not that drunk."

You know you're buzzing but you're in denial.

3. "I wouldn't tell you this if I was sober."

This is the classic one liner if you sober thoughts became your drunk words. Did something slip out of your mouth accidentally? Woooooooops.

4. "Promise you won't say anything."

After you spoke about what's suppose to be unspoken, you have to make sure it won't get around.

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5. "Don't look back but that is the hottest human being on earth."

You notice a very good looking person in the bar, so you decide to tell your friend instantly. The most important part is not to get booked creeping.

6. "Am I not good enough?"

Whether you're talking about your ex or the random that refuses to talk to you at the bar, this question always arises.

7. "Shut up you're so hot."

When your friend becomes insecure, you have to compliment them.

8. "I'm going to be single forever."

This liner pops up when you're on the verge of a break down. You're trying to keep in the tears, but it's not easy.

9. *Balls eyes out*

It always happens. 

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10. "I love you so much you don't even know."

The constant back and forth of "no I love you more." 

11. The absolutely meaningless convo

This conversation is so useless, you won't even remember having it the next morning.

12. "Remember when..."

Of course you have to reminisce about old times. Good and bad.

13. "We're getting so old."

When you're in the club and you feel like you're surrounded by 16 year olds. 

14. I'm so drunk right now.

You've finally come to the realization that you're wasted as f*ck. 

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15. "I've never had to go pee this badly."

You've been holding it in all night long. Then you squeeze yourself into a stall with all your girls while the washroom attendant is bitching you out. She'll usually hold your hand and make sure your nipples aren't popping out.

16. "You're my new best friend."

That random person you meet at the bathroom suddenly becomes your bff for the short period of time you're there. Then, you never speak again.

17. "I have to text my ex."

Then your friend grabs your phone because she/he knows it's a terrible idea and you get really mad.

18. "We're waking up at 7 am tomorrow and going, no excuses."

You make an ambitious plan for the following day but it never falls through cause you're too hungover.

19. "Can we go now?"

You've had enough but your friend is still raging hardcore.

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20. I need carbs and greasy food right now.

You're ready to leave the bar to munch at a diner or have Chinese food, in order to sober up and soak up all the booze.

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