In case you missed our post last week, we’ve decided to provide you with weekly updates of the hottest Toronto singles you can meet the only way most people meet these days (yeah right you guys met at the library, you aren’t fooling anyone): Tinder.

Regardless of your stance on dating apps, there’s no harm in just looking, right? And if you are swiping, we know how time-consuming that can be, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do all the hard work for you and save those thumbs from some early-onset carpal tunnel by providing you with the cream of the crop.

So, in case you didn't find the Tinder match of your dreams last week, here is a new round of 20 of the hottest guys we could find on Tinder and more importantly, in Toronto.

Lo and behold, ladies, for all your swiping pleasure:

*Disclaimer: Narcity cannot be held responsible for any Tinder-related casualties that later end up on Tinder Nightmares

Your bio doesn't give us much to go off of, but you sure know how to wear a suit.

Hey Andrew, you look like fun.

Does that mean you like long walks on the beach?

Not only is he a model, but he's a bartender too. Is anyone else suddenly craving a drink?

But do you believe in finding love on Tinder?

Pretty sure a 'black tie' event has never looked so good.

We are glad it's not your baby, and even more thrilled that you`re only 5 km away.

Swiping in Toronto AKA swiping his way to your heart.

We have goals and hobbies and ideas... and we would love to be your friend.

We tried to focus on your bio but got distracted by how much your eyes match your shirt.

Killer fashion sense and good behind a camera? Where have you been all our life?

Can we convince you to stay longer?

We've been told we can be pretty funny and we just so happen to love breakfast.

Former athlete, current student, future Tinder date?

It's so weird, "Lips of an angel" by Hinder just came on our iPod.

Anyone want to go for a dip?

We suddenly feel a vested interest in poetry and art coming on, don't you?

We might fear the beard, but we wouldn't fear a date with you.

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