Toronto is known for it's incredible street art. The city is teeming with talented artists who create the murals and Instagram users who showcase them in creative ways.

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If you're looking to spice up your Instagram feed, you should consider using these amazing street murals in Toronto as your backdrop:

'You've Changed' Mural

Garden Car Mural

via @taliasfootsteps

Abstract Mural

via @lilcals

Parcel Mural

via @naomiceaton

Kate Moss Mural

via @portlandvariety

'Uber 5000' Mural

via @zakihas81

Queen St W Mural

via @mrrthatcher

The Wave Mural

via @tdorjeart

Rose Mural

via @pkpov

Bee City Mural

via @tdorjeart

'Lucy' (from Charlie Brown) Mural

via @lilylilylala

Anser Mural

via @jaquelnat

'Hustle' Mural

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

'Free' Mural

via @denialart

Classic Antiquity Mural

via @spr77

Enmasse Project Mural

via @beingmorghan

Graffiti Alley Murals

via @brittany_thiessen

'Don't Look Back' Mural

via @roamingrebecca

Monopoly Mural

via @legallymares

'This Is Paradise' Mural

via @jamikaze

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