Every day, an Arts major is blindsided by snide comments or the eye-opening realization that the world of arts is broad and ultimately limitless. So where can we go? What can we do with this equally challenging degree? While we have so many options, it ends up feeling claustrophobic when the sense becomes that we "aren't going anywhere". I'm here to help, give you a breather, and remind you why we do what we do.

These are the realities of the life of an arts major, and I'm here to expand on them.

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1. “Oh haha, cool. So teaching?”

No. Just because we're arts majors, doesn't automatically mean our only choice is teaching. As I said, we have the world at our feet, it's all about what you choose to do with it. Don't be discouraged! If you want to teach, teach! If you want to be the next J.K. Rowling, more power to you!

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2. Arts facilities aren't always the best.

But we're happy for the business school getting a sushi bar. No, seriously, we aren't bitter. We usually get all of the Apple products ;)

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3. Arts is the most common Bachelor Degree.

Seriously! Which may seem daunting when considering future job options, but don't worry. Everyone changes their minds a lot, and you'll get a flux and flow of arts students. Regardless, there will always be a spot for you somewhere, AND Forbes says our potential salaries are rising!

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4. We are the major population at the Toronto Reference Library and student study spots.

We're taking over, and no one can stop us. You'll find us studying hard and writing thousands of words in essays in the library, potentially in a onesie or full-blown sweatpant outfits if it's exam season. Maybe under a pile of novels...

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5. Our readings beat your "homework".

Can you read 15-20 novels per semester and recall enough information to write at least a 2,000 word essay on each?

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6. Thank goodness for minors.

We're proud of our degrees. But a minor in another field doesn't hurt, especially when a combination can land you an elevated job after school.

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7. TV shows, books, and movies  have driven our dreams.

It's safe to say that popular media inspired the young artist in you. At any point, you know you wanted to be Meredith Grey and become a surgical intern with the head of Neuro husband. But then, slowly but surely, you wanted to be Shonda Rhimes: writing and directing the crazy addiction that is Grey's Anatomy. Or perhaps you fell in love with Once Upon a Time, and realized it was your love of your childhood stories that made you realize you wanted to write for the next generation. Did Law and Order inspired your criminology pursuit? We've all been here.

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8. Your MacBook is more than just a fashion accessory

It holds EVERYTHING. Essays, stories, novels in the works, video projects, audio recordings, photos, case studies -- just everything. Whether you're writing, editing, producing, or deducing, the MacBook is the art student's key to success -- we know it's pretty too.

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9. We know the way we dress is a statement

Arts is all about expression, and we're showcasing our best selves. We know sometimes it may look "weird" or "hipster", but it's not to be obnoxious. Our lavender hair and dark rim glasses allow us to dress and express, so no comments!

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10. We don't dress like the business kids. We know.

One word: sweatpants. Another: leggings. Don't tell me that I just rolled out of bed, this messy bun took effort okay? Were you up until 4 writing about Shakespeare's depiction of women in early dramas? UNLIKELY.

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11. APA vs. MLA

Help. We're just trying to pass. Can't we just CHOOSE? Why are they so different?!?

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12. You'll sometimes find us filming or photographing around campus.

We promise we aren't trying to catch you on a bad day. It's for a project and we're feeling artsy. Don't yell :(

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13. Coffee is life. Life is coffee.

Just caffeine in general. Give. Me. It. 8 AM classes are far too common, and that 6 PM mandatory is looking far, far away.

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14. Speaking of drinks..

We live for the student pub discounts. As well, a wine-produced essay is just about the best essay you will ever write, followed by a 3 AM attempt at 12 pages on a novel you didn't read yet. Due today? Do today.


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15. We've all been through the textbook trials and tribulations.

You will buy hundreds of dollars worth of textbooks that you'll never even open. This is fact, and has almost no correlation with how you fair in the course. I'm not saying don't do your readings, but there are some that you will just never do and you're going to cry over that money when you can't afford aforementioned coffee.

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16. Experience is too crucial.

Cannot stress this enough. We spend the first two years lazing in the river that is mandatory courses. Then, magically, third year rolls around and we feel inspired and realize we haven't pursued options of internship or placement, or find out our programs don't offer it. Bummer, but get moving! You need real-world experience as much as you need your degree.

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17. Final papers over exams!

THIS IS THE BEST FEATURE, in my opinion. I live for 5-6 final papers instead of sitting through exams. Shoutout to an early vacation start, we need it.

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18. Breakdowns will come and go

You'll definitely cry once, or a few times, while attempting to get through your assignments. They are tough, lengthy, and require the utmost focus (and caffeine, did I say that?). But there is honestly nothing better than the sense of satisfaction after completing and submitting these... so don't worry! You'll get there.

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19. We take the coolest Instagram photos

This may be biased, but we totally do. That artsy encouragement we get in school definitely helps out, and our sense of filters and angles is above and beyond the rest.

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20. We're going places, I promise.

We are, because we are the arts. We are the next generation of writers, performers, visual artists, authors, historians, politicians, psychologists, sociologists -- you name it. An arts degree can take you anywhere you let it, so don't let anyone put you out.

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