So the new school year is among us and whether you're a starting out freshman or a senior toughing it out for their last year, we all can't deny that we've thought about a potential school year fling that you see on the movies. A fling that starts by bumping into a cute guy in the hallways, and all your books fall and when you bend down to pick them up and then your hands touch and then you look into each other's eyes realizing that he's the one. Yeah, don't lie and deny that you've fantasized about a school year romance.

Unfortunately, that's probably never going to happen unless your life is a chick flick. But that's okay because contrary to popular belief, you don't actually need to cuff yourself this cuffing season. Yeah, you heard me and you've probably heard it a million and one times before too but you sometimes staying single can be good for you, especially during the already stressful enough school year.

Here are just some of the reasons why staying single and solo this school year would be beneficial:

1. You can concentrate on your schoolwork.

This may come across as an obvious one but it's true! With exams, tests, assignments and the ridiculous prices of textbooks sky rocketing as we speak, you don't need the added stress of having to remember anniversaries, and trying to squeeze in time with your S/O right before exams.

2. The bank account with thank you!

Speaking of overpriced textbooks, you're going to be sending a shitload of money already for books, supplies, and don't forget coffee. That being said, do you really have the funds to go out every Friday with the bae? I don't know about you but it's a no for me and my wallet.

3. BFFS > BFs.

Sistahs before mistahs, hoes over brosUse this time to really soak in the value of your existing friendships and live it up without a guy in mind. Nobody enjoys the company of that one friend who brings their bae literally everywhere and puts their man first. Appreciate your friendships and spend as much time with your homies before the adulting is real.

4. Open your circle of friendship.

School is the perfect place for you to network and make connections with people. That being said, it's time to mix it up and be a social butterfly by hanging out with different people instead of spending all your time complaining to bae about how you talk to nobody when you're in class.

5. Do you before you do anyone else.

Take it however way you want it, but this year focus most of your love and attention on you. It's another obvious one but they say you can't really love anybody without learning to love yourself. So before you run to your S/O's arms every time they're in need of some lovin', try to work on building your self esteem and confidence because the only "you're beautiful" that will really matter will be your own.

6. Bask in your youth.

Is it socially acceptable to bring back 'YOLO'? Similar to #3, this is a time where you're young and free and have very little commitments to make. That being said, let your hair down and dance the night away with a bunch of guys at a club on King St. or paint the town red with your girl friends and stay out til however late you want to stay out. Do something crazy, laugh and cry--- just do it, because who the fxck is going to hold you back?

7. You should figure out your shit before anything else.

If you spend a year single, that's a year of clarity where you can ask yourself what you want in terms of career, relationships, aspirations and goals-- all of which should never revolve around a S/O.

8. Learn to be a fierce, independent bitch and OWN IT.

Who says being single has to suck? It really doesn't. Learn to be an independent woman who can make her own decisions and learn how to stand without a man beside her side. Who needs a bae to pick you and drop you off before and after every class because I sure as hell can get there and back all on my own.

9. You'd be saving your time.

Ain't nobody got time for another fvckboy to take up all your time and leave you hanging a month down the road. Hell nah. Stay away from these boys and save your time for when you meet a man-- a real man that will be worth your time for sure.

10. Nobody's stopping you from appreciating the God-given looks of that one really attractive guy in your class.

We all know that one guy in your class who looks like what Ryan Reynold & Justin Bieber's hypothetical love child would look like. You know would never actually talk to him, but let's just say he's really easy on the eyes. And there's nobody there to force your eyes away so go ahead and stare. You can't help that he's hot--- and I appreciate that.

11. You can actually concentrate on what you're watching on Netflix.

Fvck 'Netflix & chill', now you can actually just lie on the coach and binge watch Grey's Anatomy right after a long day of class and have a good cry by yourself without missing a single second.

12. The conversations you can have with a guy on Tinder will actually amaze you.

Contrary to popular belief, if you swipe hard enough you can actually have some very enlightening conversations with some guys on Tinder--- and when I say hard enough I mean really, really hard. Yes there's the typical fvck boy and ghost, but sometimes their are guys out there that just want to talk. This is great when you just want to vent but want to do so to someone as impartial as Tinder guy.

13. You can restock on some much needed beauty sleep.

I don't know about you but there are some days where I don't feel like doing anything or going anywhere and the days where I actually don't have any readings to do you best believe that I'll have my hair up, chilling with no makeup on. That being said, you don't need to spend this much needed beauty sleep time playing wifey with bae. Late night calls? They're cute at first but honestly all I want to do right now is sleep.

14. You can do whatever the fvck you want.

Join that school club you've been dying to try out for, stay out until as long as you want with whoever you want--- nobody's stopping you. I mean, obviously be reasonable and try not to rob a bank while you're at it. Not only should you bask in your youth, but take advantage of your freedom because this is the most free you will ever be so do what you want on y our own terms.

15. You can put off shaving your legs or putting on makeup... isn't that refreshing?

If you're lazy af and don't feel like taking the 10 minutes it takes to shave your legs or line your eyes, then fvck it. It's small and trivial but clearly you're not trying to impress anyone so as long as you don't look like Chewbacca under your jeans than don't sweat about it.

16. There's no need for the constant text messages that you low key get annoyed of.

'Good morning, babe!', 'Goodnight, hon!'--- stop yourself. It's cute at first but sometimes you honestly just want to go about your day without feeling obligated to ask how your S/O is doing. You don't care and tbh you shouldn't. Like I said, ditch the distractions and use your minutes on people you should use your minutes on-- like your mom.

17. You don't have to make extra pitstops to visit the bae.

It's bad enough you have to leave your bed to go to class, but right after class all you want to do is to collapse right onto your bed. Save the bus fare/gas and go directly to class and back home, you don't have to keep yourself out and force yourself to stay our after class.

18. After a long day's worth of lectures and tests... you can drop dead.

Reunite with your long awaited bed and pillow and just lay there starfish style. It's just you and your pillow and you don't have to share that moment with anybody else.

19. You shouldn't hesitate to travel.

In fact, you should aim to do it more often. The thing about being a student is that you have so many opportunities to travel through study abroad programs and learn more beyond what the books teach you. That being said, you should never have to hesitate on opportunities like this because you want to spare your S/O's loneliness without you.. fvck that, and do your own thang!

20. Learn to become a better person.

I'm not saying those with S/Os are necessarily bad people, but sometimes spending a lot of time and energy with someone can blind you from your own individual values. And it doesn't help when your bae turns out to be a complete asshole that you turn yourself into one as well. Identify what your values and morals are without the influence of another person and make the world a slightly better place all on your own.

Amen to that, sistah!

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