Few neighbourhoods in Toronto are as beautiful and picturesque as the Annex. The combination of old Victorian homes and the plethora of greenery make the Annex a lovely backdrop for your life. And the eclectic mix of residents from various socioeconomic backgrounds only adds to the intrigue of area.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses. As anybody between the ages 25-45 can attest, one can often feel out of place in this neighborhood of well-to-do families and drunk students. If you live between a bunch of rowdy frat boys and a septuagenarian intellectual, you’ll relate to these.

Your hobbies include listening to drunken couples coming back from the Maddy engaged in high-decibel level fights.

You deride Dance Cave for being a gross, sticky, cheap club until you get drunk, in which case it becomes the only place you want to go.

You find yourself explaining to others why your neighbours include a rehab centre, the Chinese Consulate, a school of philosophy, and a non-water-adjacent yacht club.

Photo cred - TOBuilt

You're a student who lives a ten-minute walk from class and are therefore always ten minutes late to class.

You've figured out where Kenny and Spenny lived.

If you own a car, you question why because every time you try to drive anywhere you're delayed by frat boys who have taken over the streets for their Frisbee and football games.

You find yourself engaged in heated debates with your friends about the merits of New Gen vs. Sushi on Bloor.

You've never attended the Bloor Street Festival despite it being a 90-second walk from your front door.

Photo cred - Tumblr - Steven Bell

You quietly laugh to yourself when your friends complain about long walks or bus rides to a subway station.

Your friends who don't live downtown quietly laugh at you when you say how much you spend in rent.

You know about the intricate decoration of Albino Carreira’s house on Clinton as well as his van. (Can anybody say “Bug-mobile”?)

Every Saturday night, as you pass the half-kilometer line outside the Maddy, you question your faith in humanity.

You know what the “Elephant House” is.

Photo cred - Metro News

Saturday night means a mad dash to the LCBO on Dupont to get there before it closes at 9PM.

You've figured out the Christian Science Church has pretty much given up on writing engaging messages on the sign on their lawn.

You refuse to leave your home for two weeks in early September, lest you be overrun by noisy frosh students in colourful shirts.

If you're a man, you feel severely body shamed every summer as the most muscular frat boys remove their shirts for the season.

You brag about living in the same neighbourhood as Margaret Atwood while your friends try to pretend that they care at all.

Photo cred - replygif.net

You can’t decide if you should go to the Second Cup at the northeast corner of Spadina and Bloor or the Second Cup at the southwest corner of Spadina and Bloor.

When you go on a short walk or run and are greeted with the majestic presence of Casa Loma, it all feels worth it.

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