We all know at least one person who's lived in Toronto for years on end and still doesn't really know how to live in it. Seasoned Torontonians know that there's a certain rhythm and tempo to the city, but there are some people who just haven't picked up on it regardless of how long they've been living here.

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Here are 20 signs you still haven't got the hang of TO:

You still don't know which side the doors will open when riding on Line 2 of the TTC subway.

So you remain seated hoping that someone else who is getting off at the same stop will stand up first.

You're always the last person to find out about the next cool place in the city.

And by the time you finally check the place out, it's already old news.

You need to have Google Maps running on your phone when you walk downtown.

Because without it you're a lost puppy.

You still get startled every time the Believe man yells.

It's been years and you're still not desensitized to his preaching.

You avoid driving downtown altogether because there's just too much going on.

No right turns and dead ends? Streetcars and curb parking on a two-lane road? Fearless bicyclists? No thanks.

You never have a good answer for someone visiting when they ask you what there is to do in the city.

"Umm... The CN Tower."

You still pronounce the second "T" in "Toronto".


You have no concept of the weather and almost always dress inappropriately for it.

You have a tendency to wear layers in the summer and a spring jacket in the winter.

You walk through Moss Park at night instead of run through it because you just don't know any better.

Actually you probably should avoid Moss Park at night altogether.

Your familiarity with downtown streets only goes as far as Yonge St.

Simply because the Eaton Centre is on Yonge St.

You're still intimidated navigating through Union GO Station by yourself.

Getting to the right platform is a stressful experience for you.

You're always being passed by other people at Dundas Square because you're walking way too slow.

If you live in Toronto, you're going to need to keep up.

You stick to fast food joints because you've never heard of places like Buca or Canoe.

McDonalds every day for lunch? That's cool.

You don't know where to party anymore because Guv shut down and your knowledge of Toronto nightlife and King St is basic at best.

RIP Guv for real.

You're still not phased by the brutality of the 401.

But are you really a Torontonian if you enjoy the 401?

You know of the Toronto neighbourhoods, but you still have no clue where each one is.

*Opens Google Maps*

You're still starstruck when you come across a Degrassi cast member.

Even though everybody and their grandmas are used to seeing them walk around the city.

You haven't picked up on thick cultural accents yet.

You find yourself asking people to repeat themselves often.

You still don't know how to orient yourself to the CN Tower.

*Opens Google Maps yet again*

You clicked on this article.

Well then.

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