Armenians are known for making good food, having good hospitality and knowing how to have a good time. Armenians are scattered around the world with the ability to amalgamate to their surroundings. They can infuse their culture alongside any other, bringing a unique sense to their community. No Armenian community is the same and Toronto has distinguishing landmarks such as Armenian Kitchen and Arz Bakery.

If you grew up Armenian, or knew an Armenian, then you'll be familiar with some of these signs:

1. You wax way more often than any other human being.

2. You grab a bite at Esquires at 1 in the morning….and refer to it as "esqies".

3. You have to miss yet another episode of the Bachelorette because of basketball practice.

4. Nobody believes you're a debutante…and quite frankly, you don't either.

5. You spend your entire Sunday at Arz Bakery…because you stop to talk to every single person you know.

6. You own multiple pomegranate necklaces…and evil eye bracelets.

7. You mistake certain French, Turkish and Arabic words as Armenian.

8. You have a specific code word between your friends to signify another Armenian on premises.

9. Fairview was your high school hang out spot.

10. If you aren't from Scarborough, you spend more time there than where you live.

11. You never know what to get at Mamajoun's…but you've tried almost everything.

12. You call sarma, dolma or dolma, sarma.

13. The McDonalds on Progress Avenue and Markham Road is your second home.

14. Nor Hai Horizon was somehow always on at a relatives house.

15. You know at least one Taline, Lara, Saro and Garen.

16. You look forward to camp every. single. year.

17. People remind you of how thick your hair is.

18. Your Saturday School teacher was your mom's Saturday School teacher.

19. Your eyebrow lady is your best friend's eyebrow lady.

20. Patiserrie Royale's baklava is the shit, but you don't tell your nene that.

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