One, we are from MAC. Two, a little bit louder.  Three, I still can't hear you. Four, more more more!!! McMaster University has pride oozing out of it seems, but between midterms, assignments, and finals not everything is as pretty as the gorgeous greenery on campus. 

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Generally spending on average 4-5 years at McMaster, it becomes our second home. But we all have stuff we love and completely despise about "home". Here are 20 struggles McMaster students know all too well: 

1. When Mills, Innis, and Thode are FULL when you need a place to study the most. 

2. The dramatic time when Willy dog didn’t accept debit or visa 

... I know I cried too.

3. When academic advising hours are only 2-3 hours so you know you need to arrive at least 2 hours before just to get a spot. 

4. When they promised the LRW building would be complete by 2015.

lol yeah right. 

5. During EVERY "Light Up The Night", it’s raining.

What a drag.

6. Centro is CLOSED in the summer!

7. When you have to google what a Marauder is.

Seriously, I don't think anyone knows what it is. 

8. The long ass lines for the bookstore that pass KTH during the first week of the semesters.

9. When you want to MSAF a midterm, but they changed the rules so the max can only be 25% or less.

Completely tragic. 

10. Having to go all the way to the student center underground to print your assignment but your lecture hall is on the other side of campus.

11. The long af process to opt out of health and dental.

12. Trying to take a nap on the second floor of student center but finding out that all the benches are being taken up.

13. Trying to squeeze into the small lecture hall chairs in CNH while wearing huge winter coats.

Nope, not fun.

14. When you can't get through the backdoor for 1280 on Thirsty Thursdays.

If you're in first year, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

15.Pretending like you understand someone when they say they live “just up the mountain”. 

16. Accidentally being in the background of someone's wedding pictures. 

Happens more than you think.

17. Buying a parking pass but never being able to find a spot on campus so you have to park in the separate lot. 

18. Getting lost in the basement of the arts quad just so you don't have to walk outside in the freezing cold winter. 

19. Spending ALLLL your money from your Mac card during first semester and having to spend wisely during second semester.

20. Going through an ENTIRE semester of Psych 1X03 and never seeing Dr. Kim once. 

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