Although being a short girl has some awesome perks, it can get to be pretty frustrating. There are some things that regular sized or tall people will just never understand.

You will forever be "cute" and constantly hear "wow, you're actually so short" quite often. Yes we know...

Here is a list of 20 inevitable struggles all short girls will have to deal with at least once, if not a million times over: 

1. You can never reach your own cupboards.

I am hiring a builder that makes my kitchen "short person friendly".

2. Pants never really fit you right.

No matter what you do, they will either be too big in the waist or will have to be hemmed.

3. You were picked last for many sports teams because for whatever reason, people associate short with bad at sports.

Why is this even a thing? Short girls are good at sports too!

4. Taking photos with others brings on anxiety.

Forever having people creeping you question if you are actually a midget.

5. Hugging people is straight up weird.

Your face always seems to be at awkward boob level.

6. You can never wash the top of your car without someone else's help or a stepping stool.

Okay...realistically you probably don't wash your car by yourself anyways, so it's fine.

7. You have to sit very close to the wheel because you can't reach the pedals otherwise.

I know its not recommended, but there is literally no other way to successfully drive.

8. Forget ever seeing anything at a concert with general admission.

I think hiring someone to keep you on their shoulders so you can see is going to have to be a thing.

9. You don't really know what its like to stand in a pool without being under water.

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...swimming...swimming...never standing -_-

10. You actually can't see in a lot of mirrors because they are at "eye level".

Okay who decided what "eye level" was anyways?

11. Having to take four steps for every two that your friend takes.

Always jogging.

12. Constantly being told how short you are.


13. Your selfies just don't seem to look the same as others.

Selfie sticks are necessary because we aren't one of those chicks with natural selfie sticks for arms.

14. Getting a bartender's attention is impossible.

They can NEVER see you! Asking the person beside you to get their attention is essential.

15. Grocery stores are a struggle.

Always eating children's cereal because it is all we can reach.

16. The joke about whether or not you are eligible to ride rollercoasters at theme parks.

haha...yeah I'm short not an infant.

17. Feeling embarrassed because you're an adult but your feet never touch the ground when sitting.

V awkward in office settings.

18. Snow always means you will have wet pants from at least your knee down.

Hope you own snow pants!

19. Your neck is generally always in pain from looking up so much.

It's just not fair.

20. Always getting the crappy seat in the car because you "need less leg room".

Okay....but it's STILL uncomfortable.

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