Ahh, your twenties. It's foreign territory for any adolescent to officially drop the -teen suffix of your age and officially start becoming an adult. This doesn't necessarily have to become a bad thing though. Becoming an adult allows you to start a whole new chapter of your life exploring new feats and experiences independently with a mature perspective of the world. Your twenties is a time for you to fvck yourself over and fix yourself up again right after. It's a time to get in touch with yourself and meet tons of other people that'll influence your life for better and for worse.

It's a time for your life to begin and it's worth getting excited about.

Don't let this milestone decade pass you by like a cold during flu season. Get excited and start crossing off these 20 bucket list things that you HAVE to do during your 20s.  

1. Travel, travel, travel!

Whether it's with a luggage the size of your house or whatever can be held together in your backpack, step out of your geographical comfort zone and see the world that you've only been able to see through the screen of your computer. Travelling does wonders for the soul as it forces you to integrate with different cultures and meet different people with different values from different places. There's a price on plane tickets but there's no amount of money that is worth the experiences gained from travelling.

2. Find love.

Nobody's saying to join The Bachelor and hunt down a bae. But this is definitely a time in your life to meet different people and experience love that makes your head spin and your nerves quake. Let love in and enjoy every minute of it because nothing beats that feeling of being in love with someone who feels the same way.

3. Get your heart broken.

Oh yeah, it fvcking sucks, don't get me wrong. But at the same time it's a process in life that is bound to happen and is essential for you to grow. You need to know how it feels to broken to know how it feels to be whole.

4. And learn to love again despite the heartbreak.

The biggest and most important part of this process is to learn to move on and learn to open yourself after healing. Reap the rewards and consequences of something as vulnerable as love and learn to hold no regrets. That is when your true strength is proven because your 20s are going to show you that although the world can be shitty-- you absolutely do not have to be.

5. Do something that absolutely scares the shit out of you.

Jump off a plane (dear God, with a parachute of course!), scuba dive to the depths of the ocean, kiss a stranger, sing at the top of your lungs at a karaoke bar--- the opportunities are endless! DO something that makes your heart race because that adrenaline will make you feel more alive than you'll ever know.

6. Take part in a social issue that you passionately believe in.

Protest against animal cruelty, join a charity function fighting poverty, take part in a missionary group to Africa for a month-- do your part to change the world. Trust me, you might think you're trying to change the world but soon you'll realize that the world will change you for the better.

7. Chase your dreams and work your ass off for that dream job that'll make you happy.

You are going to have so much ambition in your 20s so use it kick some ass and bring you closer to your dreams. Who the fvck cares if your dream is "impractical", "impossible", and "unattainable"--- if you want to open up your own dance studio then do it! If you want to be a oncologist and cure cancer then screw all the negativity and go for it. You have a dream and hell is going to have to split right down the middle for you to let it go.

8. Inspire one other person.

Make it a goal to inspire one other person in this world. Change one person's life for the better and have your life change as well.

9. Eat some ridiculously insane treat and not feel guilty about it after.

Life is just too lit in your 20s to freak out over calories and carbs. Stuff your face with all the crazy delicious foods that this life has to offer. Just remember to work hard to play hard.

10. Get completely wasted at a club with your gal pals.

75% of your best memories during your 20s will be when you're mad tipsy and one shot away from being totally wasted. And that's okay. Reap the rewards of some liquid courage and let loose with your BFFs on a Friday night. Have fun, but just remember to be safe!

11. Learn how to cook.

Better yet, learn how to operate a stove. Momma isn't going to be there forever to feed your ass and your wallet is going to hate you if all you do is eat out for every meal. You don't have to be the next Martha Stewart, but just learn how to make a few dishes that'll impress both you and your friends.

12. Say "yes".

Life is too short for you to say "no" to all the opportunities being presented to you. Say "yes" to something that you'd be comfortable saying "no" too and get high on life!

13. Rid yourself of all the toxic relationships in your life.

Your 20s is all about finding yourself. That being said, rid yourself of all the people who bring negativity into your life. If they don't make you a better person then it's time to cut some ties. It's better to have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.

14. Get your shit together.

Take a moment to yourself and figure out what you want in life. Is a successful career what you predominately want or do you want to take time to explore the world? Do you want a family or do you want to be independent? These are some important questions that you need to ask yourself during this time because adult-ing is a very real thing-- and it's coming.

 15. Save 20% of every paycheque, you’ll thank us when you’re 27.

It's hard to not spend half your paycheque on food and really cute shoes but it is definitely possible. Put away $20 for every $100 you earn into a savings account and forget about it until a rainy day comes and you absolutely need the money. Trust me, it'll definitely come in handy.

16. Bare your soul to a complete stranger.

You don't have to sing a whole song and get married the way Anna from Frozen did. But it's different when you analyze your thoughts and issues to a non biased listener. Get all your thoughts out there and have a complete stranger give you their fresh perspective on your life that you weren't able to see.

17. Let it go.

A huge part of your 20s is to grow up and learn. That being said, life is too short to be petty over high school grudges and bad vibes. Exhale all your anger and issues and start anew. It's going to feel a hell of a lot better-- trust.

18. Surprise yourself by doing something drastically difference to your appearance.

Get a tattoo, dye your hair purple or chop it all off , lose some weight, gain some muscle--- experiment all the different personalities that you've always wanted to sport because your twenties are all about self expression and experimentation. Who knows, you might actually like yourself with purple hair or you might be completely over having a pixie cut. It's better to live without any what-ifs.

19. Live in the moment.

Focus on the now and live very minute of it because these are your prime years that you will never want to waste.

20. Don't stress & go with the flow.

Relax and don't stress yourself out too much... that's what your 30s are for.

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