There are generally a lot of things you should know before going into freshman year at any school, but U of T is a particular case. Sometimes, it's hard to fit in at such a big, bustling school. If you know how to manoeuvre around school, chances are you'll have more fun than you expected. That being said, U of T is in the middle of the city. Embrace it and you'll be at the top of your class and social life. But you can only pick one.

1. Join Clubs

U of T is the largest school in Canada. Without getting involved, there is no way you can get to know each and every person at school. Or at least some.

2. Get to know the city of Toronto

You're a city mouse now! The campus is scattered throughout the city so it's probably a good idea to know where each corner and street leads to

3. Take advantage of deals

Lots of restaurants around the U of T campus let students eat on a discount. Toronto is full of places to eat, so check out Fresh on Bloor and Fika Cafe!

4. Don't let Rosi get you down

Don't choose courses, let courses choose YOU

5. Use your utoronto email for everything

You may as well say goodbye to all your other email accounts

6. It's okay to be rivals with York

If you can hold a fork, you can go to York. 

7. Take pride in eating street meat

People downtown are obsessed with food trucks and hot dog carts. Now, you should be too.

8. Live, eat and breathe El Furniture Warehouse

All meals are $4.95!

9. Get a bike

Because you're not actually going to drive, right? Or you can...

10. Use the subway to your advantage

The closest stations at U of T are Queen's Park and St George. Unless you want to...


It's good exercise with all that food you'll be eating. Everything around campus is pretty much walking distance if you don't want to spend money on the subway

12. Be a nerd and use the library

U of T's library system ranks 3rd in North America after Harvard and Yale. That's got to count for something, right? Not only will Robarts be your best friend, but it will be your only friend

13. Pay a visit to the writing centre

Your mark will rise by 100%. Minus one zero

14. Always check Blackboard

It's the new Facebook

15. Take your tcard everywhere

You never know when you'll use it. Bring it to exams, and Toronto attractions where you're eligible for a student discount

16. Go to Exam Jam!

Right before exams, U of T hosts Exam Jam, where you can de-stress with cute puppies and food

17. Study at Voodoo Child

Forget Starbucks. Toronto is filled with cute little places to get coffee and to cry over exams relax with your new found friends!

18. The shuttle buses are quicker than transit

There's a shuttle bus from UTM to UTSG, that goes back and forth between the two schools. If you're into reliving second grade on a school bus, be sure to check it out

19. Join U of T Confessions on Facebook

It's like "Spotted" but better! Check it out here

20. Don't fit the stereotype

A lot of people think U of T students are snobby elitists who want to rage war with any nearby school that isn't as high ranking as they are. Stay clear of the ones who spit out statistics at you.

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