Toronto has evolved so much in the past 26 years. When you look at photos of the city from the 90's, it's almost unrecognizable at times. Although Toronto went through a couple of rough patches in that time period (from urban development conflicts to commercial recession), there was still a lot to be happy about back then.

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Here are 20 points that prove that Toronto in the 90's was an era like no other:

1. Toronto was known to everyone as the "T.Dot".

There was none of this "The 6ix" nonsense.

2. Watching Speaker's Corner religiously was a popular activity for Torontonians.

Everyone wanted to see if their $1 recorded message ever made it to air. Kind of like how nowadays we sometimes hope to see our hashtagged tweets get featured on TV during a special program.

3. PJ "Phresh" Phil was everybody's unofficial homie.

Which automatically made YTV's The Zone everybody's unofficial guilty pleasure.

4. Tarzan Dan of Hit List was also everyone's fave.

He had people staying hip by keeping them updated with the pop music of the time.

Photo credcentralnostalgia

5. TV commercials were so innocent.

Just check these out and you'll see exactly what I mean.

6. The Blue Jays fever was at an all-time high.

In recent years, Toronto has started to #ComeTogether for the Jays more and more... But when they won the World Series in back-to-back years (1992 and 1993), Toronto was infected with a Jays fever that is seemingly unmatched.

7. The Hip Hop scene consisted of names like Maestro, Saukrates, Citizen Kane, Choclair...

...Marco Polo, Rich Kidd, Kardinal Offishal, k-os, Ghetto Concept, etc. And MuchMusic's Rap City was the best way to keep up with them (YouTube didn't even exist yet).

8. Tuesday movie deals at Cineplex were offered at $2 a ticket.

Compared to the $7 Tuesday movie deals we have today.

9. Mats Sundin was somewhat a new found hope for Toronto's Maple Leafs.

Especially after the Leafs' not-so-great run in the 80's.


10. It was common to see a Blockbuster at almost every street corner.

Back then, no one would have ever guessed its demise via Netflix.

11. Gas retailed for around 50-80 cents a litre.

That was actually considered expensive in those times.

12. The Rogers Centre was known as the SkyDome.

Admit it - it's a much cooler name.

13. Cotton Ginny was the brand of jeans to have.

If you weren't rocking the Ginny, you weren't cool.

14. Ed The Sock hosting Fromage.

That is all.

Photo credcurbfinds

15. The toonie was an entirely new concept.

The introduction of a two-dollar coin was revolutionary in 1996.

16. Ryerson wasn't officially a university until 1993.

I guess that's where the "Rye High" stereotype came from...

17. Rides like Top Gun didn't arrive to Canada's Wonderland until Paramount acquired it in 1993.

The rebranding improved the theme park's business dramatically.

18. Having a pager or a cellphone meant you were maybe a drug dealer.

I mean, it was highly likely.

19. The Bay Area was often the site of epic raves.

More specifically, the warehouses in that area.


20. Vince "Vinsanity" Carter was the city's golden boy in the late 90's.

He led Toronto to the playoffs and brought home its first Rookie of the Year Award (1999). And we loved him up to the very end of the 90's (he decided to leave the Raps for the Nets in 2004).

20 points just doesn't do justice. What other things do you remember were much different in Toronto during the 90's? Leave a comment below!

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