The 90's and 2000's was a great time to be a kid in Toronto. Back then, being a kid was more about getting outside and actually experiencing the world, rather than scrolling lifelessly through endless pages of websites on a smartphone.

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Nowadays, we're so wound up in technology that we sometimes forget there's an entire world beyond the digital screens. Let me take you back to a simpler time; when kids had much better things to do than play games on their cellphones...

Here are 21 awesome things that kids today will never know about:

1. The thrill of going to Blockbuster and picking out DVDs for movie night.

The one on Yonge and Eglinton was always poppin' on Fridays.

2. Cooling off on hot summer days at the Ontario Place water park.

That one spot with the monkey bars over the pool was always so lit.

3. Tuning in to Speaker's Corner every night to see if your submission made it to air.

And trying again the next day if it didn't.

4. Procrastinating on homework to catch the latest airings of Breaker High and Radio Active.

TV was much simpler back then. There were no Suits or Game of Thrones. Instead, we had these.

5. Spending all of your allowance at Sega Arcade near Scotiabank Theatre or Wizard's Castle in STC.

They were the places to be at after school.

6. Heading out to the Skydome to cheer on the Jays.

That's right, kids - before the Rogers Centre there was the arguably more epic-sounding Skydome.

7. Seeing colourful moose statues all over the city.

They were everywhere.

8. Hearing "Bieber my balls" randomly being shouted out in the streets.

Ahh MTV Live. Good times.

9. Actually learning important lessons from somewhat meaningful commercials and PSAs.

The North American House Hippo was legendary.

10. The pain of witnessing Vince Carter miss the buzzer beater against the 76ers in the 2001 playoffs.

Hearts were broken at that very moment.

11. Having to rely on Hit List to keep in trend with new music.

Tarzan Dan kept us relevant.

12. Gas prices at 50 to 80 cents per litre.

For real.

13. Logging into Tdotwire and Asianavenue to see if anyone commented in your "Guestbook".

Social media back then was so much more fun.

14. Bringing bells to a Jays game and ringing them to cheer on Georgie Bell.

And "mooing" for Mookie Wilson.

15. Secretly watching Sue Johanson's Sunday night sex help show and giggling the entire time.

Especially when she whipped out the figurines.

16. Fountain chocolate milk at Tim Hortons.

The best.

17. Finding new hope in the Leafs when they acquired Mats Sundin in 1994.

It was a great year for Leafs fans.

18. Paying with a $2 Canadian bill.

Before the toonie was introduced in 1996.

19. Staying up a bit later to catch City TV's Late Great Movies.

And looking to see if you knew anyone they featured in their downtown footage before it went to commercial.

20. Buying the latest Much Music Dance Mix cassettes every year.

Key word: cassettes.

21. When a talking sock became a public figure and a national treasure.

A.k.a., Ed the Sock, host of Fromage. Back then, you saw him everywhere.

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