There is no better time in Toronto than the holiday season. It is now acceptable to wear turtlenecks, drink warm apple cider and listen to Christmas music whenever you feel like it. The winter season, regardless of how cold it may get, puts Torontonians in a good mood. And with the change in seasons also comes a whole new group of fun activities to do with your significant other.

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Winter in Toronto offers a wide range of date ideas that are not available in the summer months. From ice skating to drinking hot chocolate, to visiting all the holiday markets to picking out a Christmas tree together, the holiday season makes falling in love seem extra special. Here are 21 holiday date ideas in Toronto you have to take advantage of with your bae.

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1. Stroll around the Toronto Christmas Market together.

Is it basic? Maybe. But every couple does it because it really is fun. Toronto's Christmas Market offers a variety of booths and food stalls that are sure to get you and bae in the holiday spirit.

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2. Rent this luxurious log cabin just outside of Toronto for the night.

There are few things as romantic as a getaway weekend with bae. But you don't have to travel far for a vacation. There are a variety of cabins for rent just outside of Toronto that are perfect.

3. Embrace the blues at Winterfolk.

If you are not into the electronic festivals around the city, try Winterfolk. This winter music festival will showcase 150 blues and roots artists. Show bae your soulful side at Winterfolk.

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4. Go skating at Harbourfront Centre DJ Skate Nights.

Going skating with your sweetheart is a little but of a cliche, however, it is still romantic, cozy and fun. Head over to the Harbourfront Centre for DJ Skate Nights for a fun twist on the sport.

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5. Take a wine education class at the LCBO.

Wine not, am I right? The LCBO offers cookings classes and tastings at multiple locations across the city. Learn what wine will pair best with a delicious home cooked meal shared by the fire.

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6. Play board games at Time Capsule Cafe.

Some winter days are too cold to go outside. But that does not mean you two have to spend the day in your apartment. Engage in some healthy competition with board games at Time Capsule Cafe.

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7. Try some brews at the Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival.

Take a break from the wine and hit up the Winter Craft Beer Festival at Roundhouse park outside the Steam Whistle Brewery. The couple that chugs together stays together.

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8. Get hot and sweaty at Long Winter.

Long Winter is an all­-ages inter-­arts festival that takes place throughout the winter months across Toronto. Get artsy with bae with Long Winter's mix of bands, art installations, food and more.

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9. Attempt to visit every restaurant on the Winterlicious menu.

Winterlicious gets underway late January, however, you will have to book in advance if you want to get a table at some of the restaurants. And you know bae loves food just as much as you do.

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10. Grab drinks on Hemingway's heated patio.

Toronto has a serious love affair with patios. So why not take advantage of it during the winter months as well? Hemingway's offers a spacious heated patio that is a guaranteed good time.

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11. Spend the day at the ultra-relaxing Elmwood Spa.

Spend the day with your bae getting a couples massage, soaking in the whirlpool and enjoying the sauna at Elmwood Spa in downtown Toronto. Treat yourself and your bae to some quality RnR.

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12. Go tobogganing in Riverdale Park East.

Winter in Canada means one thing: tobogganing. So grab your significant other, bundle up and head over to Riverdale Park to embrace your inner kid by sledding down some snow capped hills.

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13. Take the Polar Bear Dip at Sunnyside Beach.

Running into Lake Ontario in the winter may seem a little crazy, but consider it a cleansing of the soul as the chilly waters wash away last year's troubles, allowing for a fresh start with bae.

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14. Attend Canada's Top Ten Film Festival at the Bell Lightbox.

TIFF brings us an international roster of films, however, its Canada's Top Ten Film festival is where it is at. Switch up movie night and take bae to watch the best films by Canadian filmmakers.

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15. Celebrate Chinese New Year in Chinatown.

The Chinese year of the horse is upon us which means it is time to celebrate gratitude and luck. Ring in the new year with bae with a tour of Chinatown, fireworks or just some good eats.

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16. Drink hot chocolate at SOMA.

There is something about hot chocolate and Christmas that just goes so well together. Take your sweetheart out for something sweet like delicious hot chocolate at SOMA.

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17. Visit the Union Station Holiday Market.

Might as well stop at the Union Station Holiday Market on your way home from work. Try some food, explore the vendors and enjoy the Christmas vibes with bae.

18. Immerse yourself in Toronto's cocktail culture with Bar Fest.

Bar Fest is hosted at Roy Thompson Hall in late January and is the perfect spot to feel festive. Enjoy cocktails with your bae from a variety of Toronto's top quality restaurants.

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19. Go skiing at Blue Mountain for the weekend.

This one is great for couples who love adventure and are adrenaline junkies at heart. Take a mini road trip over to Blue Mountain for the weekend and shred the slopes together.

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20. Try a variety of tea at the Toronto Tea Festival.

Toronto's tea culture has a lot to offer. Did you know tea is actually as complex as wine? Explore the world of tea and become a connoisseur with your bae at the Toronto Tea Festival.

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21. Take in the ice sculptures at Icefest.

What is cooler than cool? Icefest. Take in the art of ice sculptures with your bae and see blocks of ice transformed into owls, wolves and just about anything and everything you could imagine.

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