Do you ever have those moments or even days where you're just a huge jerk to everyone? Sometimes you can't help it if you're having a bad day or if someone ticks you off. Torontonians are known to be nice, but even the nicest people can be jerks sometimes. And that's okay, because we're all in this together. At the very least, you're not man-spreading (or at least we hope not). Here are jerk moves we've definitely all made at least once.

1. Cutting people off on the Gardiner or DVP.

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days. Right? Right.

2. Furiously pressing the close button in your apartment elevator when you hear someone coming so you can avoid the awkward silence.

Photo cred – Giphy

3. Letting the door slam in people's faces at Dundas Station.

The doors are too heavy, sorry.

4. Standing on the left side of the escalator at the Eaton Centre.

Because I just do not care today.

5. Texting and not looking while walking through the Eaton Centre.

No, you're in my way.

6. Ignoring people trying to convert you or ask for donations at Yonge-Dundas Square.

A dick move which can be justified.

7. Jaywalking on Queen even when you see a car coming.

Toronto drivers are crazy anyways.

8. Not making space on the 501 streetcar during rush hour so other people can get on.

9. Subtweeting or cussing out the TTC on Twitter.

Play nice, public transit has feelings too.

10. Cutting people off on the sidewalk while walking on King because everyone's walking too damn slowly.

11. Purposely walking slower on Yonge because someone behind you is in a rush and is trying to cut you off.

Photo cred – Giphy

12. Not leaving a tip at the nice Toronto restaurant you went to because the server was a jerk to you.

They might've deserved it, but I still feel like an asshole...

13. Walking into a restaurant in Chinatown 15 minutes before they close.

... I just needed my... Pho fix...

14. Stopping on the street out of nowhere to take a photo of the CN Tower.

Gotta keep my Insta game strong.

15. Constantly getting in and out of your seat at a Jays game.

You gotta pee when you gotta pee.

16. Running away when you see a duo wearing pink vests approaching people on the street.

Run away as fast as you can. It might be more of a dick move if you actually talk to them for 5 minutes and don't donate anything.

17. Paying for your TTC fare in nickels and dimes.

Or even lying to the service person that you'll buy a student ID for your metropass soon.

18. Forcing your way onto the subway at Bloor so you get a seat before anyone else does.

Sorry kids, this 20-something needs this seat more than you do.

19. Shunning everyone with your resting bitch face on the TTC.

Don't look at me, I'm busy commuting.

20. Snapchatting or taking a photo of someone doing something ridiculous on the TTC.

Do it for the Snap.

21. Not getting out of your seat on the TTC for elderly people.

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