The Entertainment District is a pretty sweet neighbourhood to live in. It's bordered by Queen and Spadina to the northwest and Bay and Lakeshore to the southeast. You've got the Harbourfront as your backyard and all the coolest restaurants, bars, and theatres within walking distance. There really isn't much to complain about besides rent being up to your neck (along with the costs of everything else). Here are signs you live in the Entertainment District.

1. Being Toronto, everyone's always in a rush and you feel pressured to keep up with them.

It's all the commuters rushing to work from Union.

2. Tourists new to Toronto make themselves look so obvious.

Entertainment District A.K.A. land of the tourists. We've got the CN Tower, Ripley's Aquarium, and Steamwhistle Brewery all in one little hub of touristy goodness.

3. Suits everywhere on York Street.

I feel so out of place in my denim shorts and Birks.

4. You've witnessed Suits being filmed at least once.

But you don't really care that much.

5. Construction every single damn day because Toronto just needs that many more condos.

Waking up at 7 A.M. to the sounds of construction outside my window is oh-so-lovely.

6. During the day, the streets are a jumble of commuters, tourists, and joggers.

Also Jays fans.

7. Cars honking unnecessarily every 5 seconds because that's just how Toronto drivers roll.

8. Risking your life every single day dodging drivers making their way to the Gardiner after work.

9. Everyone in the Entertainment District is a jerk.

No one holds doors for you and everyone lets the door slam in your face. Let's not forget that guy in your building who quickly closes the elevator doors because he can hear you coming.

10. Because everyone else is a jerk, you've become a jerk too.

11. And since everyone in your neighbourhood is a jerk, the only people you're friendly to are the concierge.

Because you probably live in a condo.

12. You probably live close to a TTC subway station but you still complain about how far the walk is.

A 10-minute walk is far.

13. You'd rather walk than take the streetcar because it comes late every damn time and you're close to everywhere you want to go anyways.

Maybe not during the winter though.

14. The only grocery stores nearby are Longo's or Loblaws and your grocery bills cost more than your internet and phone bill combined.

15. You eat out or get takeout/delivery everyday because it costs the same amount as your groceries anyways.

Living la vida loca.

16. When you tell your friends how much you pay for rent, they gasp in horror.

17. Parking ranges between $200 to $300 a month.

Good thing I don't own a car.

18. You dress up to go to Longo's/Loblaws. Or if you don't, you feel ugly amongst all the attractive, well-dressed Toronto people digging at the fruit salad bar beside you.

19. Everyone in your building is attractive and well-dressed because that's just the kind of people who live in the Entertainment District.

I feel too ugly to go throw out my garbage in no makeup and sweats.

20. Your friends who don't live downtown always want to stay over at your place because all the bars/clubs are nearby.

Photo cred – Giphy

21. You're not even phased by the CN Tower anymore because you see it all the time.

It's no biggie.

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