Once the original excitement of a new relationship fizzles, you and your S.O. often begin to settle into a routine. While that sense of comfort and ease is definitely nice, it's also important to find ways to keep the spark alive.

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Once in a while, it's nice to remind your girlfriend how much you care about her with a small but sweet gesture. Here are 21 (very cheesy but cute) things you can do for your girlfriend that will make her love you even more.

1. Surprise her with her favourite flowers unexpectedly.

2. Pack her a lunch filled with all her favourite foods and slip it in her bag before she leaves for the day.

3. Put her towel in the dryer while she's showering so that she can be nice and warm when she gets out.

4. Go to Sephora and ask for a free mini-sample of your cologne so that she can have some whenever she misses you.

5. Be the first one to text her good morning and the last one to text her good night.

6. Change her alarm ringtone to your song so she wakes up thinking of you.

7. Write her an old fashioned love letter.

8. Make her a scrapbook of your relationship, filled with photos, concert tickets, inside jokes and more.

9. Leave a little "I Love You" note in an unexpected place like her notebook or her car.

10. Bring her dinner to the library or her office if she has to work late.

11. Say you're going for a walk and surprise her by packing a picnic in the park for you two.

12. Agree to watch her favourite show once in a while (Even if it's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Gossip Girl!)

13. Have at least one night a week where you turn off your cellphones and just enjoy being together.

14. Surprise her by fixing something in her room or apartment that she's been meaning to for a while (like a burnt out light or the water pressure).

15. Subscribe her to her favourite magazine and don't tell her until she gets the first copy.

16. Notice when she gets her hair or nails and compliment her.

17. Treat her to a foot rub.

18. Cook her a nice dinner, complete with wine and candles.

19. Make her a playlist of songs that remind you of her.

20. Run her a bubble bath surrounded by candles and bring her a glass wine.

21. Surprise her with something she's been wanting for a while, whether it's a cute shirt or tickets to a movie she wants to see.

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