When people think of all girls schools, most of the time they will either think you grew up in a convent or that you had a scandalous upbringing like the girls at Constance Billard in Gossip Girl. Yeah sure, your parents probably stuck you in there with the expectations that you'll be 100% focused on school without any drama and boys to distract and corrupt you. But trust me, mom you do not know what you've completely disregarded. I mean, don't get me wrong the major sense of girl power is awesome and it's not completely impossible to find a spare tampon or pad during one of those days, but at the same time it definitely isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Here are a few struggles that you will for sure relate to if you've attended an all girls school.

There's always that one hot male teacher that everyone has a crush on.

Even if he wasn't hot, but if he was just somewhat close to being above average than he was officially the McHotty that everyone would be taking lowkey pictures of in class.

The bathrooms are always crowded AF.

Whether it's someone taking 5 years to wing their damn eyeliner, someone crying over a recent heartbreak or someone who's taking 6 years in the stall because of a certain time of month-- you can guarantee they're all there, especially once the last bell rings.

There's that one girl who thinks she can get away with rolling her kilt all the way up to her ass.

And dear God, whatever you do-- do NOT look up when walking up the stairs. You WILL see somebody's underwear (or lack of) and you WILL regret that you ever did.

Girl fights.

Oh yeah, get a bunch of girls congregated in one room for four years and you're bound to witness some drama in the halls. You don't want to be a part of it but it's so damn hard not to when someone's hair is being dragged across the hallway. It's even more amusing when it's girl vs. teacher because trust me, that happens.

That one group of girls who think they're the shit.

Oh, you and your squad have matching headbands and have your kilts folded up your butt? Congrats, nobody cares!

After every school day the entrances are scattered with boyfriends.

There might be a decline of boys in your classes but as soon as you walk out those doors you're guaranteed to be welcomed with a bunch of guys waiting for their girlfriends. And let the PDA begin!

Every floor has its own distinct smell.

Whether it's florals on the first floor, bubble gum on the second and some woodsy shit on the third, you'll almost want to wear a medical mask to school.

You've had at least one girl crush and it totally freaked you out.

I mean, it's not completely out of the ordinary to just admire another girl that looks extra on point that day. It's totally normal to admire another sistah without making a few changes on your Facebook status.

It's not every day you see the face of a guy at your school, but when you do there are already 15 different girls claiming him as the school's latest heartthrob.

It is foreign territory to ever see a male specimen roam the halls of all things estrogen. That being said, whether it's some guy selling tickets to an event or a guest speaker-- if he's cute, he's someone's future bae.

There was no mercy from your PE teachers during that time of month.

If all PE instructors got a dollar for every period card that was thrown at them they'd probably never have to work again. That being said, if everyone in your school has a period than that doesn't make you special enough to skip laps *cries*.

If you were from St. Joe's, you were automatically known as "St. Hoe's".

Raise your hand if you went to St. Joseph Morrow Park and has had their school referenced as St. Hoe's. The thing is, you may not be a hoe but you definitely know someone who is thus the constant exposure of this embarrassing stereotype.


Girls are going to talk and when they talk it'll either be about really good things or really really shitty things (more times than one it'll be something shitty). You'll hear rumours of that one girl who everyone's pretty sure is pregnant, and rumours of that one girl who is a major slut in every kind of way. Just don't listen to them.

Tripping over hair straightening cords and makeup down the hallway.

Why must half the population of the school insist on treating the hallways like their own personal bathroom when the school bathrooms are already super crowded. You literally have to stretch and leap and do some insane yoga pose to get to the other end without tripping on a hair appliance or somebody's makeup.

You either did you makeup correctly or you didn't bother at all.

As mentioned before, girls are going to talk. That being said, if you didn't do your makeup right than you're going to be known as the girl who didn't get her eyebrows to look on fleek. It's like they say, if you can't do something right it's best not to do it at all. Sure you're barefaced but at least people aren't calling you a clown.

The washrooms would also get very gross and cluttered.

I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a stall with period blood in it or a tampon wrapper left on the floor. You'd think that being in a school with all girls would be a lot cleaner but you thought wrong.

You have been called a lesbian at least once in your lifetime.

Look, I go to a school with only girls. I'm not so entirely desperate that I'd resort to changing my sexuality simply because of the school population. Stop being so ignorant and get educated.

Finding a date to a school dance was the most unreal struggle.

The only event you're allowed to invite a boy but most of the time all of your friends are girls and everyone from the corresponding brother school is already taking the rest of the girls in  your school. True.

"ERM, LADIES!" was all you ever heard and it made you cringe every. single. time.

"Ladies, listen up!", "come on ladies", "good morning ladies"-- OH MY GOD. It has come to a point where the word lady makes my skin crawl every time your teachers would refer to you as such. It should be a compliment but it's really not.

Regina George was a real person.

And she was that one bitch who didn't give a shit and terrorized the school. She's definitely made fun of someone's makeup and definitely thinks she's better than everyone else. You can bet she's had beef with other girls and has even gotten into some action with a few teachers.

And then there was that one annoying goody two shoes girl who everyone knew was fake AF.

There's that one girl who swears to be the world's most perfect student with an annoying baby voice and denies that she's ever done anything as scandalous has getting a B... but you all know that it's an act. My eyes roll whenever I hear you so stfu.

When you'd try to pee discretely while some girl is crying in the other stall.

It's actually so uncomfortable to try to pee beside someone crying because of something like a breakup or some seriously intense period cramps. I feel ya girl, I really do... but I really really just need to pee.

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