Located about an hour out of Toronto, you'll probably drive by the city of Barrie (especially if you're on your way to a cottage in Muskoka). Most people won't stop by, but you will. Why? Well if you stumbled on this article, it's probably because you make up the 180k+ inhabitants, or at least once did, of Barrie.

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For anyone who grew up in Barrie, regardless if you still live there or left and never looked back, I'm sure you'll remember more than a few of these:

1. You miss Wednesdays at 55 Special.

2. You had your first slow dance at a Cyber Zone dance.

3. You nearly peed yourself on the bus ride to the Kee on a Monday.

4. You went to U19 at the Roxx.

5. You went to a bush party at the Hydro Hills.

6. You definitely took a photo in front of the Dream Catcher thinking it was so cool.

7. You know that Monsignor Clair Cup hockey games and Thursday Night Lights football games were a huge deal

8. You went to the Mansion when it still picked people up in school busses.

9. You left school and went to Wasaga when the temperature was over 25 degrees.

10. Having to travel to Newmarket to get all your awesome Hollister gear cause the Georgian Mall didn't cut it.

11. You loved the winter in elementary school because there were so many snow days.

12. You have to tell people you are from Toronto when you go on vacation because what even is Barrie?

13. You always feel better about yourself when you think about people who grew up in Angus.

14. When you come home for Christmas from school, you end up seeing everyone you've ever met at Donaleigh's or Kenzington's.

15. You went tubing at Snow Valley when you were little and thought it was a mountain.

16.  Your first time to the bar was at the Queens.

17. You know of the unspoken rivalry between South Enders and North Enders.

18. You hung out at Georgian Mall when you were a pre-teen and thought you were super cool.

19. You know that everyone knows everyone because Barrie is so small.

20. You have attended both Kempenfest and Ribfest at some point in your life.

21. You know that no matter what, you'll always have a special place in you heart for Barrie.

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