If you were born to be a diva, makeup is your best friend. Painting your face in the morning can be a glorious time of the day if you're passionate about glam. There are some wickedly talented young makeup artists in Toronto. Gals who take contouring, colour correcting, eyeliner winging and highlighting to the next level. Girls who make you jealous because their face looks flawless 24 hours of the day.

There's no need to hit up big makeup companies to doll you up for your next big event. There are plenty of young talented makeup artists that you can call up when you need a quick makeover.

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Here are some wildly talented YOUNG makeup artists in Toronto...


Giulia Tatangelo // @makeupby_giugiu

This Italian goddess has amazing looks that are easy to mimc for different occasions.

via @luxbeautebytatiana

Tatiana Clavijo M // @luxbeautebytatiana

Tatiana plays with colours and glitter, showing beautiful and unique eyeshadow looks.

via @arenout

Aurélie Renout // @arenout

If you're looking for makeup looks paired with different hairstyles, check this talented beauty out! She has it all.

via @ericaafung

Erica Fung // @ericaafung

For a mix of natural looks and some great fashion posts, follow this lovely gal!

via @krishkreations

Krishni // @krishkreations

This beautiful young lady has authentic but natural looks that are simply stunning. Check it out.

via @rrayrayxomua

Ray // @rrayrayxomua

HOW WICKED IS SHE? Her work is flawless, you'll have to see for yourself.

via @vicbrocca

Vic Brocca // @vicbrocca

One word: breathtaking.  This girl is glowwwwwing and so are her looks!

via @likesofliss

Alissa Dicosimo // @likesofliss

If you love a little bit a glitter on your eyes, follow this beauty. 


Selena NB // @mu.byselena

For the absolutely perfect everyday looks, this gal is your go-to makeup artist to follow! 


Akshita Uppot // @akshita.u

For brow perfection, look no more. This beautiful young lady has amazing natural looks for your brows & face. Check her out!

via @nadiajoseph

Nadia Joseph // @nadiajoseph

If you like to play with colours, check this talented chicka out! She is just as beautiful as her unique looks.


Sandra Stancic // @_beautybysandra

For all the glitz and glow, follow this beauty! 

via @b3autybynikki

Nicole Forrest // @b3autybynikki

To learn how to achieve lip perfection, follow Nikki!


Nicole Rosati // @nicolemua

Pretty pink shades from this beauty's page.

via @sammyleebeautymua

Sammy Lee // @sammyleebeautymua

For an A+ smokey eye, follow this beauty!


Monica // @mua.monica

Her bio says it all: beauty guru! 


Melinda Da Costa // @meldacosta.mua

For a variety of looks, checkkkkk her out ^


Maddie Mac // @_maddiemac

Learn how to apply the perfect amount of eyeshadow from Maddie's profile. Talented & beautiful... and all self-taught!

via @alyssahannaxo

Alyssa Hanna // @alyssahannaxo

Play with different shades on Alyssa's page. Prettiest babe.

via @styledbysuee

Suzy Ferreira // @styledbysuee

LASH GOALS. Plus face goals. Check out Suzy for some tips & tricks on different looks!

via @tatchee

Tatchee // @tatchee

Au natural GODDESS. Check out her page.

Toronto has some TALENTED young people, including these beautiful makeup artists! Follow them for some makeup tips and tricks~~

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