Growing up in the 2000s: You weren't scene. You weren't emo. You were pop punk. "Check Yes Juliet" and "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" were on your playlist. Band tees and wristbands were part of your daily attire. Thick black eyeliner was the only makeup you needed in your life.

With Warped Tour skipping Toronto this summer and pop punk seemingly starting to die, it's time to start defending pop punk. Because let's be honest: once you're pop punk, you're forever pop punk.

1. Your MSN personal message always contained some kind of pop punk lyric.

And you used those funky HTML-type codes.

[a=1][c=0]` your[b]voice[/b][/c][c=29]was[/c][c=0]the[/c][u][i][c=29]soundtrack[/i][/u][/c][c=0]ofmy[b]summer[/b];[/c][/a]

2. You were obsessed with Happy Bunny and its sassy quotes.

3. You had an absurd amount of teenage angst.

You hated this town and you weren't o-f*cking-kay.

4. All Time Low was everything to you.

Alex Gaskarth <3

5. You wore converses all the time.

And wrote all over them.

6. You were ecstatic when Hot Topic opened in Toronto.

Aw yeah, no more travelling all the way to Upper Canada Mall to visit D-Tox.

7. You have a plethora of band merch still lying in your closet.

I will never give up my Mayday Parade t-shirts or my TWLOHA wristbands.

8. You went to Warped Tour every year.

Totally worth waiting in line in the pouring rain to meet your favourite bands.

9. You now shake your head at teeny fangirls who have their phones out the entire time at shows.

Back in my day, we actually watched and enjoyed the shows. SMH.

10. You had a fringe and/or highlights in your hair.

Using hairspray and teasing your hair were regular things for you.

11. You wore your eyeliner like this.

12. Arm warmers were a fashion statement and you wore skinny jeans before everyone else wore skinny jeans.

14. You wanted to live like Jack and Sally.

15. Avril and Deryck were the perfect couple.

16. Hayley Williams was your idol.

Dat hair tho.

17. You were the only one out of your Toronto friends that had MySpace.

18. Back then you took all your selfies from the side of your face.

We called it "camwhoring" back then.

19. You hated the fact that Americans got all the great pop punk lineups.

Hence why Warped Tour was the highlight of your entire year.

20. You had posters of your favourite pop punk bands all over your walls.

Is this even still a thing?

Photo cred – weheartit

21. "Punk Goes Pop" cover songs were better than the original songs.

Sorry, Katy Perry.

22. If there was a mainstream pop song you liked, it was your darkest secret.

Rihanna's "Unfaithful"? What? I've never heard of that. Ew, mainstream music.

23. It wasn't just a phase, mom.

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