The life of a Catholic school student is truly unique. It's one that entails morning prayers over the PA, Passion plays during Easter and an overabundance of plaid. But aside from that, Catholic schools are just like any other school - you've got distinct cliques, classes you'd rather not attend, and everyone just trying to make it out of those four crazy years alive.

If you go to a Catholic high school in the city or previously attended one, you're bound to relate to these 24 common experiences:

1. Being forced to by a set of McCarthy's uniforms but nothing fits properly.

So you have to get your pants "skinnied" or your skirt hemmed.

2. Skipping mass day at least once.

Mass days: universally regarded as an unofficial late start or PA day.

3. Preparing your outfit well in advance for Civies Day.

And trying to avoid having to pay.

4. Going to a sports event to socialize rather than to cheer on your school.

Unless it's a big game, like Pope vs. Ward or something.

5. Spending your allowance on breakfast and lunch at your school's caf.

A daily practice that keeps you broke. Who can say no to Jamaican patties?

6. Carving or writing your name or alias into a desk.

To immortalize yourself into the school's history forever.

7. Wearing basketball shorts under your uniform pants.

For guys, in case someone ran ball.

8. Wearing a kilt in the winter.

For girls, because you would rather die than be caught in the uniform pants.

9. Trying to pass off nickels and dimes for TTC fare.

And feeling like a boss whenever you got away with it.

10. Participating in a promposal that you'll definitely regret later.

Prom is really not that serious.

11. Knowing almost everyone and everything going on in other schools.

The TCDSB community is tight.

12. Going to the mall after school in your uniform.

With no shame whatsoever.

13. Running home to beat the answering machine when you skipped class.

Because no one has to know your business.

14. Bothering an AP, IB or Gifted student for answers to your homework.

If you're desperate enough you might even offer to pay.

15. Feeling extra confident when you have a supply teacher.

You would consider that class a spare.

16. Loafting in the hallways by your lockers with your friends after school.

Possibly playing Monopoly Deal.

17. Stressing over EQAO in your second year.

It's embarrassing to fail.

18. Wearing black Converse to school at least once.

A loophole in the uniform code.

19. Hearing rumours about MT.

And letting them get to you whenever you had to mission there.

20. Getting irritated by the excessive school spirit of Camp O kids.

Or maybe you're just jealous you didn't get in.

21. Supporting your friend at the Christmas Talent Show every year.

You screamed the loudest in the audience when they performed.

22. Going to a nearby plaza or fast food spot during your spare.

Both better places to kill time at than your own school.

23. Being annoyed by at least one person on student council.

There's always one.

24. Dreading that it went by so quickly.

As bad as it may have been, you'll miss it; even if just a little bit.

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