For those of you who are fortunate enough to travel, we salute you.  Unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to explore the beautiful things our world has to offer, therefore we resort to social media in order to discover the globe.

There's something about creating a collection of breathtaking photographs while traveling.  We fall in love with the idea of taking these beautiful images because we develop a huge desire to have these moments captured in a frame. There's an interesting relationship between mankind and the lens, one that is hard to explain.

If you're suffering from wanderlust and are currently in the process of saving $$$ to travel, the following Instagram accounts will satisfy the crave and help you plan adventures coming your way:

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via @muradosmann

1. Murad Osmann

2. Leica

3. Chris Rathore

via @travelandleisure

4. @travelandleisure

via @dametraveler

5. @dametraveler

via @extremenature

6. Mike Theiss

via @bucketlistbums

7. @bucketlistbums

via @earthpix

8. @earthpix

via @beautifuldestinations

9. @beautifuldestinations

via @mostextremepictures

10. @mostextremepictures

11. @wilderness_culture

via @expertvagabond

12. Matthew Karsten

via @worldwanderlust

13. Brooke Saward

via @bemytravelmuse

14. Kristin Addis

via @lebackpacker

15. Johan Lolos

via @tiffpenguin

16. Tiffany Nguyen

via @theplanetd

17. Dave & Deb

via @theblondeabroad

18. Kiersten

via @gmateus

19. Gabriela

via @thefella

20. Conor MacNeill

via @travelawesome

21. @travelawesome

via @leeabbamonte

22. Lee Abbamonte

via @journeywonders

23. Raphael Alexander

via @onemileatatime

24. Ben Schlappig

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