It’s that time of year again, you know – the one where all University students begin to stress out because they realize that the hype of Pumpkin Spice Lattes are no longer fulfilling and reality of exams are around the corner. It’s a hard realization we all go through, and we never quite seem to learn from our mistakes. There are so many distractions (and TV shows) we rather consume ourselves in, studying doesn’t seem much of a priority. That is, until it’s the night before a group project and you realize that you’re stuck waiting for everyone else’s part.

This mid-semester grind is one of the hardest periods for students to constantly stay motivated. It’s a vicious cycle of recognizing that you have deadlines, and putting them off until you need to press that panic button. But not to worry, just remember you’re not alone and we have all gone through this at one point. And if there’s anything guaranteed by us students is that we love to complain, so here is a list of phrases (or thoughts) you’re definitely going through right now.

1. Realizing it’s already week 6 and you’re still staring at your syllabus

Is this course REALLY mandatory?

2. Study week is more like “time to catch up on Netflix”

Why did I just start season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy...

3. Getting assigned more and more homework, but you keep testing your ability to procrastinate and somehow pull through in the last 12 hours


4. You're not sure if you're actually done everything or just forgot everything

Either way, I’m going to go take a nap now.

5. Your best friends keep asking you to go out on the weekend

Why are all my friends such terrible influences? Oh well, so where is the Pre?

6. All my anxieties have their own anxieties


7. Never having enough snacks

Snacks are the key to survival.

8. You have this fear of leaving your laptop alone in the library while you go to the washroom

How effective are those little pieces of paper they leave on your desk?

9. Debating how many strange looks you would get if you ordered UBER eats…directly to your desk in the library

Don't lie, we've all thought about it. No judgement.

10. Group projects with your best friends turn out to be the worst idea

This is what kills 50% of University friendships.

11. Am I getting sick?


12. How many cups of coffee have I had today?

Whatever, I just mobile ordered another one from Starbucks.

13. You can't remember the last time you got more than 4 hours of sleep

If you get more than this, you're doing school wrong.

14. Realizing that your bank statement is just a reflection of all the food you consumed last month

Stress eating is a thing.

15. But you also don’t remember the last time you had a REAL dinner

Or breakfast / lunch for that matter. KD and instant noodles count as food, right?

16. You now regret your 8am lectures you signed up for

This is when we were feeling ambitious and organized at the beginning of the semester - what were you thinking?

17. Every day you question whether you should skip class to work on homework

But I need those participation marks…

18. Realizing that a healthy diet isn't realistic during exam season

You'll eat whatever you can get your hands on. Did someone say Chipotle?

19. If the weather sucks and you have to commute to campus, chances are you aren't going to class that day

And if it snows...definitely not.

20. Showing up to class and finding out there are 89 slides to go through and no break

Is it too late to sneak out now?

21. Walking into a midterm with full confidence, and leaving as though you just preformed heart surgery

Reads the first question, "Okay, I'll skip this one for now". Moves onto the second question, "Fuck, never mind."

22. Walking up to the front of the class for an oral presentation and then all of a sudden you lose the ability to speak

Don't ask me any questions when I'm done, I don't want to answer them.

23. The last day to drop a course is approaching and you begin to question everything

To drop or not to drop, that is the question.

24. Getting a phone call from your parents asking how your semester is going gives you the instant realization that your life is a complete mess

Well at least I'm still breathing.

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