Growing up in Toronto's Catholic school system is a one-of-a-kind experience. The culture among Catholic schools in the city is an interesting one that involves frumpy uniforms, close-knit student bodies and a distaste for plaid. Like any other type of school, Catholic schools present the same characteristic challenges of teenage life; but there are still some experiences that only Catholic school students would understand.

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As a Catholic school student in Toronto, you were likely once guilty of the following:

Wearing basketball shorts under your McCarthy's pants

99% of guys would do this.

Communicating via the secret kilt pin code

But not really knowing what it actually meant.

Attending a sports event to socialize rather than to cheer on your school

They were the main social events of the year.

Rolling up your kilt to make it shorter

99% of girls would do this.

Treating a Mass day at the school parish as a late start or P.A. day

With no shame, either.

Not changing out of uniform when going to the mall after school

And totally regretting it every time.

Trying to pass off three nickels and a dime as student fare

You felt invincible whenever you got away with it.

Hurrying home to delete the automated message after skipping class

Sneaky sneaky.

Going all out on Civies Days

Literally the only days of the year that you don't mind going to school.

Spending way too much of your allowance at the caf

On pizza and patties.

Wearing your kilt even in the winter

Anything to avoid wearing those dreaded McCarthy's.

Obnoxiously cheering your friends on during every talent show

It's always the same kids who sign up to perform, too.

Asking a kid in gifted or AP for answers to your homework

And having no luck.

Making an origami heart out of a TTC transfer

You saved the ones you made on memorable days.

Having to take a Catholic studies course even if you weren't Catholic

You probably had no idea what was going on.

Participating in gossip about students from other schools

"Yo did you hear about the scrap at MT"

Feeling like you can act a fool when you have a supply teacher

Causing Mr. Jebba all sorts of problems.

Going through a Monopoly Deal phase

It was a thing once upon a time.

Sitting with your friends in the halls by your lockers on multiple occasions

Even when you were told not to because it's a fire hazard.

Trying to pass off dress pants for uniform

And running away when the hall monitor calls you out on it.

Not necessarily always being a good Catholic

People think they know, but they have no idea...

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