Living with roommates can be a hassle, especially if you found them on Kijiji. It's practically impossible to afford a place on your own in Toronto, that's why many of us resort to living with someone else.

Sharing your personal space with another person can be quite of an inconvenience. There are certain things he or she does that drive you crazy and the confrontation is super awkward. You'll be late to work because they take too long in the shower and you'll end up cleaning after them, even though you don't consider them a friend.

Let's be honest here,  the struggle of living with a stranger is real: 

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1. Sharing a bathroom is an absolute nightmare.

2. Because you have to do your business.

3. And you're not sure how long they will take in the shower.

4. A random person's facial and 'down there' hair is pretty gross.

5. You can't have 1 TV because the Kardashians and sports don't go together.

6. Hearing a stranger have sex can be super awkward, yet funny.

7. You're super paranoid about leaving your room door unlocked.

8. You don't know if they're a pig before you move in together.

9. You want to rip them into pieces when you come home after work and they are throwing a rager.

10. Or listening to crappy music on a daily basis.

11. If you're sharing kitchen appliances, it gets complicated.

12. You go through copious amounts of candles because their odour can be unpleasant.

13. Headphones are necessary.

14. You look forward to them not coming home so you can walk around naked or in your undergarments.

15. Who's getting the toilet paper?

16. Dealing with bills is always an issue.

17. The roommate that looses their key all the time = screw you.

18. The questionable food laying in the fridge for months is disgusting.

19. There's nothing better than having a house to yourself.

20. Those "aggressive notes."

21. Hopefully you speak the same language.

22. Please feed your animals, take your dog for walks and clean the litter box.

23. Don't leave your dirty dishes in the sink.

24. Who is washing the floors, scrubbing the toilet, cleaning the bathtub and sinks?

25. But you put up with all of these shenanigans because you can't afford to live alone.

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