In a few weeks, school will officially be back in session. To prepare for the upcoming semester, several students in Ontario have been choosing courses for their fall schedules. While some students are restricted to a required course load, others have the luxury to select from a list of electives. For the latter, it's important to be as strategic as possible.

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When I was in university, I had a simple criteria for picking courses:

  1. Are they bird courses?
  2. Will I get days off if I choose these courses?
  3. Do I know anyone else taking these courses?
  4. What does Reddit say?

The first criterion is particularly important - A "bird course" is one that is known to be easy to get a high grade in. For many, interesting subject matter is just a bonus. What's more important is that the elective was birdy enough to ace without giving it too much attention.

Here are 24 university bird courses you should enroll in to get easy A's this semester:

NOTE: Course information taken from  Student testimonials about each course can be found at the links provided below. The "birdiness" of each course is highly subjective.

University of Toronto

VIC112Y1Y - Puzzles, Discovery and the Human Imagination

Birdiness score: A+ (13 votes)

There has never been a period of time, nor has there ever been a culture, without some kind of puzzle tradition. Are puzzles just playful artefacts, intended merely to entertain? Or are they mirrors of something much more fundamental in human life? This course will take a close look at what puzzles tell us about the human mind and human culture.

CLA204H1F - Greek Mythology

Birdiness score: A (8 votes)

This course will examine ancient Greek and Roman myths in their historical and cultural contexts as well as their reception by later generations and cultures.

ANT253H1 - Language and Society

Birdiness score: A (7 votes)

The study of the relationship between language and society with the goal of understanding social structure through language; major themes are multilingual societies, including pidgin and creoles, and social interaction through speech.

Ryerson University

SOC 203 - Social Class and Inequality

Birdiness Score: A (3 votes)

This course examines the distribution of power and wealth in society. As a social reality, inequality leaves no one untouched, whether or not we are conscious of it. This course traces the origins of social inequality and reflects on the various interpretations of social stratification. At the macro level, analysis examines how patterns of inequality are reproduced and altered over time. At the micro level, analysis considers how inequality shapes individual career choices and other experiences.

PSY 105 - Perspectives in Psychology

Birdiness Score: A (4 votes)

This course introduces students to psychology by exploring several viewpoints within the discipline, such as the biological, behaviourist/learning, cognitive, and psychodynamic perspectives.

POL 128 - Politics and Film

Birdiness Score: A (3 votes)

Films often mirror society in both intentional and unintentional ways. Some are overtly political, some reflect changing values and some are made purely for entertainment. This course will reflect on the various political perspectives which enable students to critically assess films.

York University

MUSI 1580 - Women and Popular Music

Birdiness Score: A (5 votes)

This course explores the music, lives and cultural legacy created by many of the greatest female popular music artists since the advent of recorded sound. This course is designed for students not majoring or minoring in music.

NATS 1900 - Food, Science and Technology

Birdiness Score: A (5 votes)

This course evaluates what food is, where it comes from and the roles various foods play in human nutrition and health. Topics include scientific and technological aspects of modern food production such as genetics, farming, fishing, and beverage industries.

SC/POLS 1090 - Introduction to Business, Government and Society

Birdiness Score: A (5 votes)

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the field of business-state relations by providing them with an overview of the economic and political environment in which business operates. Another important objective is to help students develop critical skills so they can place events in the business world and the national/international political economies in a larger conceptual framework.

Queens University

MUSC 171 - Social History of Popular Music

Birdiness Score: A (2 votes)

A survey of important trends in 20th century Western popular music. Topics include genres, individual artists and groups, record labels and stylistic trends, and sociological issues.

CLST 203 - Myth and Religion

Birdiness Score: A (2 votes)

This course will examine Greco-Roman concepts of the supernatural and humanity’s relationship to it. Students will learn the basic ancient myths, the meaning and social function of myth and ritual, and how these myths were engaged with and understood in lived experience of ancient persons and subsequent ancient literary works.

HLTH 230 - Basic Human Nutrition

Birdiness Score: B (35 votes)

Study of macronutrients, selected micronutrients, energy needs for human performance, relationships of nutrient metabolism to health, and the consequences of nutrient deficiencies and excesses. Examines how a student's own food intake may influence present and future nutritional well-being.

University of Guelph

BIOL 1070 - Discovering Biodiversity

Birdiness Score: A (2 votes)

This course strongly emphasizes the development of learning and reasoning skills, an understanding of the nature of biological inquiry, and key concepts in evolution, ecology, and organismal biology.

FRHD 2100 - Human Sexuality

Birdiness Score: A (2 votes)

This course covers a social scientific analysis of human sexuality. Emphasis will be placed on the development of sexuality within an interpersonal context.

SOC 1500 - Crime and Criminal Justice

Birdiness Score: A (2 votes)

This course will introduce students to the study of crime and criminal justice. It will examine the various criminological theories, types of criminal behaviour, and the criminal justice system.

Wilfrid Laurier University

CP 102 - Information Processing with Microcomputer Systems

Birdiness Score: A+ (12 votes)

An introduction to the concepts of microcomputer hardware and software applications in a hands-on environment. Examples are based on the needs of students in the arts and sciences and are intended to give background knowledge and experience in the use of the microcomputer as a tool for many different applications.

AS 101 - Introduction to Astronomy

Birdiness Score: A (5 votes)

An introduction to the science of astronomy: the process by which we develop astronomical principles and the application of these techniques to gain a modern understanding of our solar system.

BU 208 - Interpersonal Communication

Birdiness Score: A (3 votes)

An introductory course designed to improve the student's ability to communicate effectively within an organizational context.

University of Waterloo

CS 100 - Introduction to Computer Usage

Birdiness Score: A+ (17 votes)

Introduction to using personal computer hardware and software. Using personal computers as effective problem solving tools for the present and the future. Experience with common application software including word processing, spreadsheets, database management, and electronic communications. Exposure to the Internet and World Wide Web. Programming principles to support the understanding of application software.

FR 151 - Basic French 1

Birdiness Score: A+ (16 votes)

For students with some elementary or secondary school French not exceeding Year Two (Grade Ten in Ontario) or equivalent. Emphasizes comprehension, grammar and basic speaking skills. [Note: Not open to students who have completed high school French immersion program or FR 152. Not open to students with advanced, near-native or native ability in French.]

CLAS 202 - Ancient Roman Society

Birdiness Score: A (7 votes)

A survey of the civilization of the Roman Republic and Empire, featuring such topics as the individual (male and female), political institutions, art, religion, philosophy, literature, social life and leisure activities.

Western University

CS 1033A/B - Multimedia and Communications

Birdiness Score: A (4 votes)

This course is an introduction to multimedia and explores the use of different types of media components (text, images, sound, animation and video) to convey ideas and facilitate interaction delivered through a web site. Topics include design considerations and media creation/editing tools for creating websites, graphics, sound, animation and video files.

ASTRO 2021 - The Search for Life

Birdiness Score: A (3 votes)

This course is designed for non-science students as an introduction to current scientific thinking on the possibility of extraterrestrial life and intelligence. Ideas, observations, and experiments from the frontiers of many areas ofscience converge in this unique interdisciplinary field.

ES 1022 - Earth Rocks!

Birdiness Score: A (3 votes)

We will study what the Earth is made of (minerals and rocks), how it works (plate tectonics), and how it affects us. Focus is on surface processes, landforms, resources of our planet – natural features and actions that we can see, including natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, tsunamis, and floods.

Course descriptions taken from, reddit, and university websites.

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