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Moving is a big step. And let's hope, for your sake, it's a big giant step in the right direction.

If you've decided upon Toronto then I can assure you, you've made the right decision. In fact, you've made the only decision any sane person in your position could make, to come to the big city.

If you are however for some strange reason, still sitting in your hometown watching the tumble weeds pass you by and dreaming of a big bright future for yourself, but still a little unsure if moving to the city is for you, allow this list to guide thee.

1. Because You'll gain respect

Tell people at home you're moving to Toronto and they will automatically respect you more.

2. Because You'll become tougher

Pigeons don't scare me anymore dude.

3. Because You'll be accepted

So many weirdos...odds are in your favour you'll find someone who loves you.

4. Because You'll start caring more about your appearance

Overalls may have worked on the farm...

5. Because People from home will think you're doing important things

Cuz ya live in the big city now duh.

6. Because the ROM

Do they have a royal ontario museum in your hometown? Didn't think so.

7. Because the Nightlife

Things happen here on any given night of the week till late.

8. Because condos

You can buy a condo with a stunning view of another condo.

9.  Because dumplings in Chinatown

How can anyone argue with dumplings? Like

10. Because escape a life of steak and potatoes

I bet back at home duck confit pancakes weren't a breakfast option.

11. Because it's better than Vancouver

I've said it before and I'll say it again Vancouver is for the weak.

12. Because the focal point is a large concrete penis

Again, does your hometown have a large concrete penis?

13. Because you'll become more worldly

You'll see some shit, which will in turn make you a more worldly person.

14. Because you'll become fiercely opinionated

Say goodbye to that carefree anything goes attitude and start having black & white opinions on things that don't matter, like this article.

15. Because the Mexican food scene

If you need more of a reason to move than this, there is probably something wrong with you.

16. Because you'll ditch your car & save money on all things car related

Nobody who lives downtown owns a car.

17. Because the St. Lawrence Market

Whether you're rich or poor, there is something for you here. Gorge on free samples or perhaps indulge in a kangaroo burger.

18. Because you'll become better at articulating what you want

Go to any Starbucks on any given weekday and tell me those people aren't amazing at articulating what they want.

19. Because it's so much closer to even better cities like New York and Chicago

Waddup Porter airline.

20. Because Dundas square

The perfect place to go when you can't afford a trip to NYC and need a massive dose of billboards and questionable street performances.

21. Because you can walk everywhere

Pretty self explanatory reason.

22. Because you'll now live in the centre of universe, how exciting.

Toronto is the centre of the universe. If you live in Ontario.

23. Because you'll dabble in the arts

"I didn't know he did stand-up!" "It's just a phase".

24. Because you'll see a live theatre show

Live theatre happens here, maybe you've heard of it?

25. Because you'll stop drinking shitty beer

You'll be way to embarrassed to say words like "budweiser" and "coors light", as a result your palate expands and congratulations you now like good beer.

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