Many people become delusional when they're in toxic relationships. It's not acceptable for your significant other to belittle you, control you or make you feel guilty about something you didn't do.

A lot of bullsh*t comes along and you end up putting up with it because you think "it's ok." BUT IT'S NOT!!! Your S/O is suppose to bring out the best in you, compliment you and cherish you.

It's important to understand, certain relationships are bond to end. If there are ongoing issues and you feel complete emptiness, it's time to let go. Your happiness is a priority and at the end of the day, that's what matters the most. Take these 25 signs you're in a toxic relationship, into consideration and call it quits:

1. Your significant other is a control freak.

2. They manipulate you for their own good.

3. They take, but never give.

4. There's no trust.

5. You can't have alone time.

6. They're constantly judging you.

7. You're verbally disrespected.

8. They're physically abusive.

9. They lower your standards.

10. You're always criticized.

11. Nothing you do is ever good enough.

12. They always make up excuses for their actions.

13. You're always wrong, they're always right.

14. Drama,drama,drama.

15. They're always negative.

16. The blame game is consistent.

17. There's no communication.

18. You're not your true self.

19. The past is always brought up.

20. There's no "spark."

21. They trigger your worst qualities.

22. They bad talk your friends.

23. You always feel guilty.

24. They only care to satisfy their own sexual needs.

25. You're constantly debating about ending it.

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