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Your first year in Toronto is going to be a tumultuous one. There's going to be some high highs (like that moment when you notice there's a jukebox at the back of Ein Stein's), and some low lows (A pigeon shitting on you the moment you step out of work). But in the end, it'll hopefully all even out. Really, it's all worth it to be part of one of the busiest and most metropolitan cities in North America. Here's what a body can expect to do by the first anniversary of their  time in this city.

1. Live in a really small apartment

And pay out the ass for it. It takes a while before you figure out the rules of apartment hunting here.

2. Develop a tense relationship with your landlord

They're gonna try and make you do some shit you don't want to do, and it'll be a whole thing.

3. Show up late to everything

Because they have no idea how long it takes to get anywhere.

4. Make a lot of new friends

People here are so friendly!

5. Develop a minor addiction to Chinese food

It's becoming a problem.

6. Go bankrupt for a few months because you're budgeting your life wrong

Toronto is a crash course in responsible spending

7. Revamp their wardrobe

Because their clothes look ratty next to all these stylish Torontonians

8. Drink. A lot.

There's just bars on bars here.

9. Freak out about all the celebrities you notice around town

My roommate saw Hugh Dancy at the airport last weekend!

10. Develop a complicated relationship with the TTC

Sometimes you miraculously end up early to shit, and it's amazing! And sometimes you're randomly an hour and a half late for no reason.

11. Start going to bed earlier on weekdays

No one here is up past midnight on a Tuesday night.

12. Slowly get used to spending a huge chunk of their life underground

The subway is a weird thing.

13. Find a new favourite bar every weekend

There are some very awesome bars in this city.

14. Dance your ass off

Whatever you like to dance to. It's being played somewhere right now.

15. Not understand why their friends who've lived here for a while never want to go out

How can anyone get tired of all this stuff?

16. Get lost

At least once a week.

17. Gain a wee bit of weight

Oh God guys, why is all the food here so good and cheap?

18. Confuse their friends back home when you Skype them.

"I have no idea what any of those places are."

19. Complain about the weather.

It takes some getting used to.

20. Spend a couple of weeks eating out every day

It's just way too easy.

21. Embarrass themselves by saying something ignorant about the city

"I hear they're making improvements on the subway!"

22. Feel lazy

Everyone here is doing fourteen things at any given moment.

23. Make a huge list of all the cultural spots they wanna check out

And then not go to any of them.

24. Meet a lot of DJs

DJing is a serious thing here.

25. Brag about Toronto to their friends at home all the time

Because they're totally jealous.

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