Like any college or university major, English majors have to endure their fair share of stereotypes - that they all want to be teachers, that they're all grammar snobs, and maybe the most annoying of all, that being an English major is easy because "all you do is read." Ughhh.

Being an English major isn't exactly a walk in the park. There are many impending deadlines, massively long readings, and half a dozen 10-page papers due all at the same time in the semester. And that's not including the 3-hour midterms and finals you have to prep for... whenever you can manage to find the time in between writing all those papers and completing all those readings. How many of these struggles have you experienced throughout your degree?

1. You always have to buy a dozen books for each class, every semester. Good luck keeping track of all those readings!

2. Your readings include finishing a different 300-page novel every week.

3. You can't just BS your citations/reference list because your professors actually know the difference between APA and MLA and will dock you marks for incorrect formatting.

4. Writer's block is your absolute worst enemy.

5. You turn your nose up at SparkNotes but lowkey it's actually your best friend at 2am when you're realizing there's no way you're getting through that one massive text in time for tomorrow's exam.

6. You remember a time before university when you used to read for fun... ha.

7. Friends and family will gift you books for birthdays and Christmas that are just piling up in your room because, like we said, you don't have time to read for fun.

8. Shakespeare: you either love it or you hate it, there is no in between.

9. You've developed a bad habit of using big words to sound smart...

10. ... and your professor will hand your paper back with comments like "too much fluff" and "cut down on the flowery language." Look, I'm just naturally poetic, okay?!

11. Everyone automatically assumes you want to be an English teacher.

12. Or they ask you, "What can you do with an English degree anyway?" Hmm, a degree that emphasizes communicating clearly, the ability to critically analyze various texts, and organizing persuasive, coherent arguments? Those do sound like pretty useless skills, yeah.

13. You can't read or watch anything anymore without finding yourself analyzing and searching for a deeper meaning - there has to be a deeper meaning!

14. But at the same time, you find yourself rolling your eyes at your classmates or professors who are seriously overanalyzing the readings. Like chill, bruh, it's never that serious.

15. Working on your paper for hours, then going back to proofread what you have so far and realizing it's barely coherent.

16. Taking an 18th-century literature course only to instantly regret it when you realize texts from that period are literally massive and can go on for hundreds of pages about, like, the monotonous daily life of a housemaid. So fun.

17. When someone in your class spoils the ending of the book for everyone else.

18. Thinking a reading you've already done in high school will be a breeze - until you realize everything you thought you knew about it was wrong.

19. You've pretty much perfected the art of bullshitting 15-page papers the night before they're due.

20. People will ask you to proofread their assignments even though you've got your own homework to worry about.

21. You have 3-hour exams and are literally writing non-stop for those full 3 hours, walking out of the exam room with a sore hand.

22. Seeing people make your/you're and there/they're/their mistakes tears you up inside. Is this really that confusing?!

23. But you don't want to correct them and look like a pretentious grammar snob, so you let it go.

24. Your non-English major friends are stressing about reaching the page limit for their papers, while you're stressing about restricting yourself to the page limit - five pages is nowhere near enough for everything you need to say!

25. Half the time you're wondering why you're even doing this, but at the end of the day you love what you study and can't see yourself majoring in anything else. :)

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