After a breakup people tend to do stupid things because they seek revenge on their ex. Some of us become delusional and unconsciously make foolish decisions we end up regretting in the long run. Do you remember your first serious relationship? You definitely pulled some stalker moves on your ex after the breakup.

Well let me tell you something, when you overcome the heartbreak stage you will look back, laugh and say to your self, "Damn I was the crazy ex." We've all been there.

It's acceptable make irrational decisions once or twice, just make sure you learn from your mistakes and they don't become a habit after every breakup. But then again, aren't we all crazy in our own way? Here are 25 signs that prove you've been the crazy ex at one point in life:

1.You frequently private call your ex bf/gf.

 2. You stalk them regularly on social media.  (Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, Snapchat.)

 4. You creep them from your friends account if they block you.

 5. You're in denial.

 6. You drive by their house.

7. You talk to his/her friends about them.

8. You send an excessive amount of texts.

 9. And leave several voicemails.

 10. Especially when you're drunk.

11. You send them random gifts after your breakup.

12. You follow them to clubs/bars.

13. You visit places you might see him/her.

14. You message their current bf/gf.

15. You think about them all the time.

16. You make up lies to get their attention.

17. You show up to their house without warning.

18. You post Facebook statuses and tweets that are  clearly directed towards them.

19. You invented a master plan to get back together.

20. Your friends are tired of hearing about your ex.

21. You go on a hunt to find out your ex's new number.

 22. You still sleep with their stuffed animal they gave you.

23. You wear their clothes and refuse to give them back.

 24. For some reason you thought egging their house was the best form of revenge.

 25. And if that's not enough, you keyed their car.

After reading this article, don't think you're a complete lunatic. Everything happens for a reason (that's why they're an ex)) and some things are just not meant to be. One day you will find that person who won't give you a reason to make crazy decisions.

Remember, there are plenty of fish in the sea!!! 

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