It's very clear that almost every single photograph is adjusted through the use of photoshop nowadays. You can change just about anything and anyone with a variety of filters, effects and techniques. Photographers are able to demonstrate their skills not only through taking pictures, but by adjusting them as well.

Photoshop is one of the greatest inventions, let's be honest it makes everything appear 100000 better than it actually looks. However, sometimes it's interesting to know what some of the natural views of our world would look like without the use of this program. I have gathered a list of 26 Remarkable Photographs That Surprisingly Weren't Photoshopped for you to enjoy:

1. Netherlands // Highway.

2. New York  // Central Park vs the city.

Photo cred - @proteon 

3. Antarctica // Hot water in air.

4. Yucatan Peninsula // Flamingos.

5. Tanzania // Aerial View on Lake Natron.

 6. Luoping, China // Canola Flowers.

Photo cred - reddit

7. Red Cardinal

8. Yakutia, Russia // Diamond Mine.

9. Meditation wave comes to shore.

Photo cred - 

10. Slovenia // Ice formations.

11. Ganzu, China // Men climbing hill.

12. Vietnam // Amitabha Buddha Day.

13. Senegal // Lake Retba.

14. Dragon Leaf.

Photo cred - @vibalicious

15. Snow trail.

16. Botswana, Africa // Zebras.

17. Mexico // Monarch Butterflies.

18. Svalbard // Walruses.

19. Provence, France // Lavender Field.

Photo cred - reddit

20. Balearic Islands, Menorca.

21. Green Lake, Austria // Underwater park.

22. China // Rainbow Mountains.

23. Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park // Largest hot spring in the world.

 24. Kazakhstan.

25. Iceland// Volcanic Ash.

26. Western Australia // Pink Lake

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