There are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to growing up as the only child. At times you wish you had a sibling that you could go to when you're feeling down. On the contrary,  you're grateful you never had to share your toys.

Many stereotypes circulate around individuals that don't have brothers or sisters. For example, people often assume the "the only child" is spoiled. Let me put this out there, that's not necessarily true because it all depends on how you're raised.

Are you the only child in your family? Perhaps you can relate to this  list of 27 real struggles only people without siblings will understand:

1. You're always the peacemaker between your parents when they have an argument.

2. You wanted your best friend to be your sibling.

3. Your parents always blamed you for everything.

4. Because there was no one else to blame.

5. Their bad mood would reflect on you.

6. You've always felt like nothing is ever good enough.

7. All your friends thought you were spoiled.

8. But you insisted this wasn't true.

9. You weren't too good at playing with others.

10. "Sharing is caring" was hard for you to understand.

11. Family dinners during holidays were quite lonely.

12. Your stuffed animal was your go to buddy.

13. You also had an imaginary friend.

14. The pressure of knowing your family's future depends on you...

15. Your parents were and still are really overprotective.

16. You love big family gatherings.

17. You're comfortable being alone.

18. Obsession can be a problem.

19. You love attention.

21. Sometimes you talk to yourself.

22. Vacations were boring when you were a kid.

23. Most games required more than 1 player.

24. You had more than 1 babysitter.

25. Your mom still rings off your phone 10 times a day.

26. Your parents depend on you for getting sh*t done.

27. But at the end of the day, you know you're the only favourite :)

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