Torontonians are a different breed of people. We bandwagon like no other. We turn plain spaces outside venues into fan central (Jurassic Parks hello). We complain about the TTC but still refuse to splurge on an uber. We thrive off cheap eats and the thrill of looking classy but acting a little trashy.

And with all these things that inevitability happen when you move to the 6ix, you can count on the fact that your lingo is going to adapt to this new weird lifestyle. Maybe it's from the thrill that Toronto's actually becoming cool now thanks to Drake, or maybe it's the fact that we have some of the most insane food in the world at our fingertips. Whatever's in the water in Lake Ontario, we're liking it. For those people visiting our weird little bubble, here's a couple things you'll unofficially definitely hear in Toronto.

1. "Tu-ronna."

If you hear someone actually using the second "T" in Toronto, they're not from here.

2. "You should reach the Maddy."

As in come to the Maddy, duh. When I was outside Toronto and said reach someone asked what I was reaching for. Smh.

3. "Wanna just split an Uber?"

TTC delays every other day? Almost.

4. "I don't care how long the line is, I need an Instagram at Sweet Jesus."

Longer the line for the food, the more the likes right?!

5. "What team are we even playing?"

Almost exclusively said at the Jays game clutching your 10 dollar beer with the Jays decal.

6. "Can you pick up for me?"

Alcohol is implied, of course.

7. "No, no. Burlington is not 'pretty much' Toronto."

The legitimacy of the GTA is about 100 shades of grey when you're talking to someone who lives right downtown.

8. "Ya I'm SO broke I went to the Porch down for round two tonight though!"

Can't stop won't stop. We're filled with people who won't let their financial situation stop their next patio destination.

9. "Oh ya the weeknd? My second cousins best friends brother totally went to high school with him."

With more Toronto artists emerging now then ever, who doesn't know someone that knew a semi-famous or full blown A lister?

10. "I was walking by that financial district and totally saw them filming suits"

Where you at Harvey!? 

11. "Ya I can totally get around the PATH."

You have no clue, but no Torontonians going to actually admit that.

12. "Sorry."

The only exception is when you're rushing to get your morning coffee, then it's every one for themselves.

13. "I'll just tell you at brunch tomorrow at Wish."

Brunch aka the debrief meal.

14. "I set my Tinder range so that it makes the financial district."

The age old power suit appeal is still most definitely a thing.

15. "So lit right now."

Said either at a really dope party, or watching Netflix in your sweatpants. Either situations may apply.

16. "I can't move right now, I spent too much time dancing on the pole at Tequila Jacks last night."

No need to apologize for having a good time. We've all done it.

17. "Sorry I'm late. I totally missed my stop."

There's only so many times you can listen to the TTC announcer before that robotic voice lulls you into a deep sleep. Or at least a sleep deep enough to miss your stop.

18. "Which Toronto Vs. Everybody shirt should I wear?"

You have many, and whip them out at any opportunity. Thanks Peace Collective!

19. "Oh that's my first tattoo, I got it when I was like 18 at Adrenaline."

This Queen West staple has literally made their mark on most of gen y, including you.

20. "I SEE DRAKE."

Said drunk passing the CN tower. 

21. "Do you have an AUX cord?"

Necessary for any Uber ride heading to the entertainment district.

22. "We should TOTALLY spend a day at the Island!"

About 50 percent actually follow though, but you've definitely suggested it to one of your pals.


*You scream as you're getting attacked by one of the menacing pigeons at Yonge and Eg.* One flew into my head a week ago, this is not a joke.

24. "Early Mercy or Uniun? Well figure it out depending on what level I'll be on."

Some places you go for the memories, others not so much.

25. "Only 8 dollars for this fresh pressed-organic-fair trade apple juice?! Steal!"

With a juice bar going up on every corner now, whenever you can find something under 10 dollars it seems like you just won the lottery.

26. "VIEWS! views. VIIIIeeeeWWWs."

If not then your yelling out summer 6ixteen. Gaurenteed.

27. "How jokes is this selfie of me and this guy? I met him on the lawn at Molson."

Friends, music, and over priced beer set the stage for a prime bonding opportunity.

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