Photo cred - Pranay Bhachech

It is a well established fact that all Torontonians have their shit together all the time. So if you're looking to impress one, it's going to take a little more than a bag of candy and tickets to the fourteenth Expendables movie. No, you're going to have to put some work into it. But we're here to help you! Here are a few things that would genuinely impress a Torontonian.

1. Own a driver's license

Photo cred - Mack K.

2. Ride a fixie

3. Know a lot about beer

4. Have spectacular eyebrows

5. Be Drake

6. Own and operate a bar, restaurant, or store that is also a working farm/ bowling alley/ cheese factory. Torontonians love it when two worlds collide.

Photo cred - Tyrone Warner

7. Show off your Leafs trivia

8. Be unfazed by winter

9. Be even more well traveled than them

10. Play an instrument that no one has ever heard of. Like the hurdy gurdy or something.

11. Spend lots of money on footwear

Photo cred - lightexpo

12. Dress in entirely vintage clothing 24/7

13. Know any restaurant or bar in the city that anyone ever names

14. Be in on where the best shows are happening everynight

15. Say, "Who's Rob Ford?"

16. Live in a decently sized apartment, downtown, that you don't break the bank for

 Photo cred - Jen B

17. Find a way around having to use the TTC in your day to day life

18. Be friends with someone who runs one of their favourite restaurants

19. Be able to afford to leave Toronto for a good part of the winter

20. Invite them over to your parents' cottage for a weekend

21. Live in one of the city's highly wait-listed co-ops.

Photo cred - matzohball77

22. Own the warmest winter coat

23. Not know what Yorkdale Mall is

24. Be a champion at flip cup

25. Have an alternative haircut no one's ever seen before

26. Have a job in the Financial District

 Photo cred - [bastian.]

27. Be working on your third Masters

Photo cred – Carlos Bolivar

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