Yes, Toronto is basically a foodie's playground, but it might be time to spread your horizons. For those of you looking for new and delicious spots in the GTA, I have you covered.

I have compiled a list of 28 amazing restaurants that are worth getting out of Toronto.  The list is pretty diverse and includes something that will cater to everyone's pallet.

Next time you're in need of a break from Toronto, why not try out one of these amazing spots! You won't be disappointed. :) P.S. these are in no order, they are all equally amazing.

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1. Pepperwood // Burlington

Pepperwood's is a beautiful Burlington bistro located right near the lake.  They often have live music, which makes for an awesome and laid back atmosphere. The lobster mac and cheese is seriously delicious, and their onion soup is one of my favourite appetizers!

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2. Hambrgr // Hamilton

If you're looking for something a little more daring than your typical burger, head to Hambrgr in Hamilton.   Be sure to show up early, because this place is constantly packed.   In addition to the unbelievable ceasars shown above, they also have some crazy hot and delicious jalapeno poppers for those who like something with a kick.

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3. Blue Lagoon Seafood Master // Mississauga

Blue Lagoon Seafood Master is home to many Instagram famous delicacies, including cartoon dim sum, and the mouthwatering deep fried lobster tower.  Be sure to try this place out with a few friends because the portions are massive!

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4. Bangkok Spoon // Dundas

Bangkok Spoon is my go-to spot for Thai food.  It is 100% worth the drive, and it completely affordable.  They also have a super cute patio that you can enjoy in the summer months.  Be sure to try  pad thai and fresh rolls!

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5. Treadwell // Niagra On The Lake

If you're visiting Niagara, but you're not looking for a "touristy" spot to eat, Treadwell is a great option.  Make sure you have a reservation before stopping by for dinner because this place will fill up quickly! Be sure to try their albacore tuna, you won't be disappointed!

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6. The Crepe House // Porte Dover

Crepe house is the ultimate place to take your friend with a sweet tooth.  Their wide selection of both savory and sweet crepes will definitely exceed your expectations.

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7. Dean Michaels // WoodStock

Dean Michaels is the ultimate spot to cure a hangover.  If you're somebody who takes hollandaise sauce very seriously (like me) then you won't be disappointed by their homemade hollandaise slathered over basically everything on their menu.

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8. The Big M // Pickering

If you're craving a delicious burger or a super creamy milkshake, then you have found your ideal spot.  This is basically your one-stop destination for comfort food, and who can really say no to that?

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9. Mezcal TNT  // Hamilton

Mezcal is seriously one of my all time favourites.  Whenever I'm in Hamilton I make a point of indulging in their Baja fish taco,  panela , and the kale and squash taco.  They recently revamped their menu, so be sure to try out some of their new options!

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10. Marciano's // Waterdown

Marciano's is a small town favourite.  Their pasta is extremely good (and comes in huge portions) and their brie fritters literally melt in your mouth.

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11. Pie // Barrie

I stumbled across pie last winter and have not stopped thinking about it since.  They have a huge menu that is sure to meet every picky eater's needs.  Portions are big enough to share, but you'll probably have a hard time giving up half a pizza. (They also have other locations just outside of Etobicoke and Collingwood!)

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12. Camp 31 BBQ // Paris

Camp 31 has some serious BBQ.  And by serious, I mean seriously amazing.  If you're a self-proclaimed carnivore, this is your ultimate dinner spot.  Between tender ribs, crispy fried chicken and creamy mac and cheese, you can't really go wrong!

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13. The Cellar // Georgetown

The Cellar somehow makes onion rings look classy, and I can't say I'm mad about it.  This is an awesome place to take a date, because the atmosphere is very inviting, and the staff really make you feel at home.

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14. Pickles and Olives // Port Perry

I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself.  Pickles and Olives is never a disappointment, especially if you order the beef tenderloin!


15.  Mariposa Market // Orilla

Mariposa Market is home to some of the biggest donuts in Ontario and of course they are referred to as "Texas Donuts".  If you or anyone you know has a sweet tooth, then this is the perfect place to bring them.  You definitely won't get donuts this size in Toronto!

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16. Vegebitez // Oakville

Vegebitez is a vegan's heaven.  How can you say no to vegan chili, on top of mac and cheese?! This is the perfect spot to completely indulge on all your favorites that may not usually be vegan, dairy free, or gluten free!

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17. David's Bistro // London

You'll never get sick of the menu at David's Bistro because they are constantly changing and adding new menu items! The smoked lake Erie trout appetizer is completely amazing.  Be sure to make a reservation in advance , because this place gets packed pretty quickly.

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18. Bistro 54 // Perth

Don't get me wrong, Bistro 54 has so many incredible entres and appetizers, but their coffee gelato is a serious game changer.  It could very well be one of my favorite desserts.

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19. Kerr Street Cafe // Oakville

Kerr Street Cafe has some awesome breakfasts and great lunches.  This is an amazing spot for delicious food that you won't feel totally guilty about eating.

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20. Harpers Burger Bar // Kingston

I'm not even sure where to start with Harpers.  Their onions rings are massive, their poutine is incredible and burgers are locally sources and totally delicious.

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21. Q BBQ Public House // Cambridge

If you're looking for some southern comfort food, Q BBQ is your place.  The portions are huge, so be sure to bring your appetite.  I recommend trying Pig in a blanket with a side of mac and cheese, YUM.

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22. Alchemy Coffee // Unionville

Alchemy Coffee does breakfast right.  This is the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday morning with a couple friends.  Be sure to try their pork belly open omelette, I've heard it's amazing.

23. Pure Kitchen // Ottawa

Pure Kitchen is a very minimalist and bright restaurant.  Their bowls are incredible, and always made with the freshest ingredients!  This is a great spot if you're looking for a healthy option in Ottawa.  P.S. the service is also really great!

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24. Woody's Burgers // Etobicoke

Woody's Burger is an awesome spot just outside of the city.  Their sweet potato fries are some of the best I have ever tried, and they offer some great vegetarian options!

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25. F.I.N.E. // Grand Bend

F.I.N.E. is a great place to celebrate a special occasion.  I've heard their gnocchi is incredible as well as their Murphey's Law dessert and buckeye pie!

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26. Atmosfera // Mississauga

Atmosfera is a great Italian spot in Mississauga.  Atmosfera offers a fine dining experience, which makes it a perfect date spot. Prices are also fairly affordable, so you have no excuse not to go!

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27. Hana Japanese Restaurant // Sarnia

Hana is the go-to place to grab some sushi in Sarnia.  Everything is always fresh, and incredibly delicious.  Their spicy salmon roll is a serious game changer.  Be sure to make the trip to try this delicious sushi!

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28. Rise Above // St Catherines.

Rise Above is definitely on my bucket list.  This vegan spot offers amazing cruelty-free options. After creeping their Instagram tag for a lot more time than I'd like to admit, I've made it my civil duty to try these drool worthy zucchini and corn jalapeno fritters.

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