CHA GAEL! (Does anyone actually know how to say that?) Queen's is known for attracting a certain type of person (being hella bias here but usually that means good looking, smart, fun; basically the best people ever), and when you put all those people together in the booming metropolis of Kingston sans class for a whole week? Well...things get a little weird. And by weird here I obviously mean the best time of your life.

Queen's frosh week isn't just a week, it's THE ONLY WEEK. It's the place to be if you want to see cult like faculties running around with mohawks with chains. It's a week where it's socially acceptable to wear bucket hats, dad shirts, and sit in a kiddie pool drinking palm bays all day. It's a week where orientation not only means welcome to the best university ever, but welcome to the family.

And for those who have lived through a week as ultimate as the Queen's frosh week: you pick up on some things that are quintessential to this week. Things only someone whose witnessed these epic events can say, "ya bro, that totally happened" (while clutching your Busch on your patio on Aberdeen obviously). Get ready for a crazy year frosh, cha gael.

1. Everyone hip thrusting left right and center


2. Packs of frosh wandering the ghetto every night looking for a house party

3. A minimum of 5 houses (on aberdeen alone) blasting drake while soaking in their kiddie pool

4. Terrifying purple people running around in leather jackets in 30 degree weather

Their hair will be equally terrifying as well, watch out for those chains. And how the fvck did that girl get all her hair to stick up that high?!

5. University Ave. turning into a mosh pit every night where frightened first years to experienced fourth years try to look like they know what they're doing

I'll just hold my beer and yell cha gael, that's cool right?

6. Seeing everyone you've ever met and their second cousin that my ex? Oh there's my second cousin, oh I went to elementary school with her, didn't I have a tutorial with him last year, is that my long lost brother?!

7. The hub bumping every night all night, all week long

Beach slam rave on a Monday? WHY NOT!

8. A higher number of red solo cups lying around the Ghetto than there are Frosh


Hey comp sci....

10. At least one person covered in silver paint running by in a toga

"It's a reaction to the paint!"

11. Every single bank, bakery, spa and any other chain company with a tent in front of Stauff

Ya I'm totally interested in this student plan, I'll just need all the free samples you have to offer first.

12. Campus basically turning into a musical when 1000 plus slightly confused frosh break out in a pre choreographed routine in their matching yellow shirts

13. Phe-Kin either doing squats, lunges or running....always

But what else is new? They'll definitly keep doing this all year. SPORTS!

14. You losing your wallet, phone and possibly dignity one night on Aberdeen

Or wait, did we end up at The Spot?

15. The grease pole going up, along with the tallest lankiest 1st year that will be a legend in about 4 hours

The title everyone wants but is secretly terrified to get.

16. ALWAYS getting a excited response when you ask someone how they're feeling

(Hint, they usually feel good, oh they feel so good).

17. Hoards of people flexing, drinking, and people floating in 1 dollar tubes giving zero fvcks at the pier, aka spring break the sequel

18. You're bed at 4pm

You'll take more power naps in one week than you ever have in 18 years. JKS WATCH OUT EXAM SZN.

19. People hobbling around because they felt like they ran an iron man the night before from the amount of booty dropping done at throwback

"They put RiRi on how could I not?!"

20. The LCBO looking like a Walmart on Black Friday

Quick just grab the grapefruit palm bays and let's go!

21. A fun mixture of cheering frosh and hungover people who just want their coffee

WE LOVE OUR FRO-stoppppppp.

22. A sign on every other house making a joke about a fusion of Harambe, hot dads/daughters, and frosh

And they'll probably be taken down in 5 minutes tops.

23. So many club booths you suddenly feel extra down to join everything

24. Espcially the ones that are giving out free candy


25. Your (free) bag filling up with more free stuff during the sidewalk sale than you'll ever own in your life

Which you'll proceed to use none of....

26. Any house with a semi-flat outdoor surface turning into a patio to lounge on

45 degree angle seems pretty chill to me.

27. The bags under your eyes growing as big as your shopping bags during boxing day

Translation; you're fvcking exhausted.

28. You're heart saying yes but your mind (and liver) saying no to night 5 in a row of going out

FOMO is an issue, what if Ale is seriously bumping?!

29. By the end of the week you'll want to paint yourself in tricolour because of how much you love it here

Here's to another amazing year Queen's!

*Remember- everyone's Frosh week is going to be different. Queen's is the best place to be to be yourself, and that's why you are here. Do what you want and make it YOUR week. Best thing about Queen's? There's something for everyone. CHA GAEL!* 

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