You don't have to break the bank when you want to spend quality time with your lover. Sometimes taking it easy is a much better way to spend date night. Simple dates are the ones you remember and the ones you make the best memories from.

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For some frugal date night ideas check this list out.... 

1. Make homemade pizza.

2. Watch a movie outdoors on your porch. Bring a lot of blankets and get cozy.

3. Learn a new card game and get a little competitive.

4. Enjoy some downtime and paint together.

5. Have a s'mores party at home!

6. Twister date- bend in weird places with bae.

7. Backyard picnic.

8. Massage train each other.

9. Let loose for a Karaoke night.

10. Have a video game competition.

11. Treat your lover with breakfast in bed for dinner.

12. Run a warm bubble bath for 2.

13. Lay out to watch the stars.

14. Watch a romantic sunset together on your roof.

15.  Walk up the street and swing on the swings at the nearest park!

16. Have a throwback night and watch some home videos and look through old photo albums.

17. Go for a drive and bring some fun car snacks. Summer driving is the best kind of driving.

18. Compile a couple's bucket-list.

19. Have a casino night at home.

20. You both scream for ice-cream! Have an ice-cream sundae contest.

21. YouTube favourite songs from your youth and have your own Canadian Idol show.

22. Truth OR dare.

23. Go for a run together. #fitcouple

24. Have a pillow fight.

25. Sit in the garden with a bottle of wine.

26. Be kids again and run through the sprinkler.

27. Make homemade popsicles.

28. Pamper each other with an at home spa day.

29. Get steamy with a strip trivia night.

30. Create a DIY photoshoot.

Share with your significant other! Save some $$ and make the best memories at home.

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