Living in Canada is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Although it shares a border with the United States, it is a totally different place; full of northern whimsy and wonder.

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But we wouldn't have it any other way. Here are 30 real struggles all Canadians will understand:

1. Never dressing properly because Canada's weather has issues.

2. Cutting the bagged milk too wide. 

3. When the temperature is actually colder than Mars.

4. Domestic flights being more expensive than international ones.

5. Having to jog to the door because Canadians are so nice they'll open it for you even if you're 1,000 feet away.

6. Ordering something online and only zip codes are accepted.

7. Trick-or-treating in a winter jacket.

8. Getting to the bottom of an iced capp and only ice is left over.

9. Being told that Canada isn't a real country.

10. When a Nickelback song comes on the radio.

11. Being rich in Canadian Tire money.

12. Leaving on your winter tires even after winter is officially over.

13. The unfufilling selection on Canadian Netflix.

14. “This video is not available in your country.”

15. Knowing that Turks and Caicos will probably never become a part of Canada.

16. Seeing your legs after a winter of not shaving.

17. Shopping in the States and dealing with the abysmal exchange rate.

18. Almost breaking a tooth trying to Roll Up The Rim. 

19. When the sands on a Canadian beach are scorching hot but the water is ice cold.

20. When the line up at Tim Hortons is longer than at customs.

21. Getting stuck in traffic because a family of geese are crossing the road.

22. Being autocorrected to American English...

23. Canada at the Summer Olympics.

24. When all the chocolate on your Tim Horton's chocolate dip donut sticks to the paper bag.

25. Automatically saying "sorry" as an instant reaction to everything

26. Automatically ending your inquiries with "eh".

27. Drawing the maple leaf.

28. Drawing Nunavut.

29. Colouring Nunavut.

30. Fitting "Saskatchewan" on a map.


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