Dudes. Toronto is teeming with all sorts of them. There are tall dudes, short dudes, active dudes, lazy dudes, jock dudes, and nerd dudes (just to name a few).

Many females consider dudes to be some of the most enigmatic creatures to ever exist; but in reality, dudes are pretty simple beings. Here are 30 simple joys of life that Toronto guys can appreciate:

1. Wearing warm clothes straight from the dryer

Good for those cold Toronto days.

2. Mom's home cooked meals

Sure, North 44º is great, but the best place to eat in Toronto is still your parents' house.

3. Finally getting a haircut

New cut, new man. Get it fresh at Crow's Nest Barbershop.

4. A clean shave

So you can get more intimate with your T.O. love. Check out MANKIND Grooming Studio for a pro job.

5.That invigorating feeling after going 100% at your workout

And knowing your GoodLife membership isn't going to waste.

6. Seeing noticeable gains

Catching up to Drake.

7. Taking off your pants

Your reward after a long day of hustling in the T Dot.

8. Successfully making your crush laugh

And laugh with you, not at you (probably using some Meek Mill memes).

9. A full tank of gas

At Toronto pre-2008 prices.

10. A cold beer after work

To accompany the Raptors game on TV.

11. Bringing in all the groceries in one trip

Without ripping a single Real Canadian Superstore bag.

12. Hitting all the green lights

On these roads.

13. Putting on a new pair of shoes for the first time

Getoutside's got you covered.

14. A newly washed car

Even if it's only short-lived (damn you, Toronto weather!)

15. Sleeping with minimal clothing

Especially during hot Toronto summers.

16. Fresh bedsheets

Goes great with #15.

17. When your crush messages you first

It gives the Toronto man a little more confidence.

18. Sweatpants

A pair from Roots is a staple garment for Toronto winters.

19. A well-ironed shirt

As crisp as Justin Trudeau's.

20. Going commando

The guy version of going braless. Just beware of tight spaces... Like the TTC during rush hour.

21. Trimmed fingernails

For easier Tinder swiping.

22. A fully-stocked fridge

Thanks to Student Discount Tuesdays at Zehrs.

23. Hot showers

To get rid of all that Toronto grime (especially from these areas).

24. Post-sneeze relief

The second best sensation. No T.O. pollution for you.

25. Being called 'sir'

Why yes, I am adult. Thank you, polite Torontonians.

26. A well-tailored suit

Toronto Fashion Week worthy.

27. Being able to keep up in a serious sports conversation

The Jays hat you wear isn't just for show.

28. Readjusting 'it'

So you're comfortable during your entire TTC ride.

29. Reaching a new K/D ratio

Without camping though. Pre-order Black Ops III now!

30. Loosening your tie after a long day

Freedom from a rough day spent in the Financial District.

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