Growing up in Canada was a truly special experience. Even though we had to deal with the cold weather, weird TV shows and ridiculous stereotypes, we wouldn't have had it any other way.

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If you grew up in Canada, you'll definitely relate to these hilarious first-world struggles (as told by the #GrowingUpCanadian hashtag):

Note: This article refers mostly to experiences of the millenial generation.

1. Colouring in Nunavut.

And all the water.

2. Trying to fit "Saskatechewan" in its tiny space on the map.

There's no way to make it look pretty.

3. When all the chocolate on your donut gets stuck to the bag.

It's a pain no one should ever have to experience.

4. Dealing with the crushing realization that you can never have a house hippo.

No matter how much your heart ached for one.

5. Trying to do the Big Comfy Couch stretch and failing miserably.

This girl was a show off.

6. Having to draw the Canadian flag and always botching the maple leaf.

You gave up eventually and just traced one from a textbook or something.

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7. Only being rich in Canadian Tire money.

Even if you had a wad of bills, you only really had like $3.

8. Learning French from a talking pineapple.

A truly out-of-this-world experience.

9. Being made fun of by non-Canadians for saying "eh" and "sorry" all the time.

Some of them also think we actually live in igloos.

10. Going trick-or-treating in a winter jacket.

It always ruined your costume.

11. Waiting impatiently to turn 16 years old so you could be just like the 6teen crew.

They were everything we ever wanted to be.

12. Schools not being cancelled in super subzero temperatures because we live in Canada.

And in Canada, windchill doesn't count.

13. Losing your mood to watch TV because Naturally Sadie or Life With Derek came on.

The most hated people ever.

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14. Almost breaking your teeth trying to Roll Up The Rim to Win.

Why do they make them so hard to roll up?

15. Learning your most important life lessons from Canadian PSAs.

These ones especially. What the heck, Aidan.

16. "This content is not available in your country."


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17. Being left with all the ugly Timbits at the bottom of the box.

Those measly tan ones with raisins that aren't chocolate or powdered.

18. Getting the Yop jingle stuck in your head.

Yop! Mi mama.

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19. When the cheese curds in your poutine don't melt because the gravy isn't hot enough.

Cold gravy should be outlawed.

20. Being heartbroken when you found out Out Of The Box was a sham.

So... It's not really a gigantic box fort?

21. Not knowing when to use "ou" or just "o" for some words.

Like colour or favourite.

22. Schools in the winter looking like a slushmageddon.

Especially the hallways. *Squish squish squish*

23. Waking up to a pushed over green bin and garbage littered all over your lawn.

Damn raccoons!

@avrillavigneembedded via  

25. Going through that inevitable Avril Lavigne phase.

And being forever haunted by old pictures on Facebook.

26. Annoying Marineland commercials.

You still sang along to them anyway.

27. Having to explain Smarties and Rockets to Americans.

In Canada we eat this stuff okay?

28. Feeling obliged to hold the door open for 19,823 people.

We're just too nice.

29. Being the only one who went to school in a snowstorm.

Because everyone else's parents let them stay home.

30. Taking your Canadian childhood for granted.

And not realizing how much you'd actually miss it once you got older.

For more funny Canadian memories, check out #GrowingUpCanadian on Twitter!

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