Alcohol has the ability to do magical things. It can turn you into a complete different person and have you make some really, really bad decisions. From love confessions to a thousands of tears, drunk munchies and painful bruises all over your body, here's a list of things you did drunk and greatly regretted the next day:

1. Pulled an accent to get directions.

2. Passed fluids on Queen/King St.

3. Showed up wasted to a Chinese restaurant after a bar.

4. Or had drunk munchies at one of these restaurants.

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5. Went to one of these strip clubs and blew all your money.

6. Got kicked out of one of these clubs.

7. Booty called or drunk texted you ex.

8. Danced like a clown.

9. Mowed down Toronto street meat...

10. ...that you and your stomach regretted the next morning.

11. You sang songs at the top of your lungs walking down The Entertainment District.

12. Took a nap outside a bar.

13. Started a conversation with complete strangers.

14. Had an argument with a bouncer.

15. Had a 30 min conversation with someone in the bathroom...this usually applies to the ladies.

16. Became bff's with your uber/taxi driver.

17. Or puked all over his car.

18. Carried something home you found on the street.

19. Fallen asleep on the TTC.

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20. Ruined your makeup by attempting to fix it.

21. Told everyone you love them.

22. Kissed people you don't even know.

23. Fallen asleep in your bathtub or on the toilet.

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24. Bawled your eyes out.

25. Took obnoxious/inappropriate Snapchats.

26. Smoked an excessive amount of cigarettes (even if you don't smoke.)

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27. Got a tattoo or piercing at Adrenaline.

28. Tried to climb things you shouldn't be climbing (trees, posts, cars, etc.)

29. Went ham on social media.

30. Took an unnecessary amount of shots.

31. And pretty much fell every step of the way.

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